Bilt Hamber Cleanser-Polish

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Bilt Hamber Cleanser-Polish

Award-winning car polish

cleanser-polish is an award-winning resin based polish that provides exceptional levels of mechanical refinement and cleaning for your vehicles paintwork. Used after claying to provide an optically clear, deep rich shine - it is an excellent all-in-one product.

The treated surfaces are now resistant to environmental attack and also they are super-smooth, glossy and friction-free.

Easy to use both in application and buffing - this product fills minor swirls, hologram-like scratches and minor defects.

Where stone-chip damage penetrates to bare steel you should use it in conjunction with auto-balm.

Only cleanser-polish scored 15 out of 15 in a blind independent car polish test, here's why...

The picture below (completely untouched) shows dramatic swirl reduction imparted by cleanser-polish. Click here to see the complete Practical Classics polish test. Only cleanser-polish scored 15 out of 15!

Hamber Cleanser-Polish

Quick Guide

All-in-one paint care polish.
Imparts optically clear, deep, rich shine.
Packaged in a 500ml PET bottle.
An app-pad and microfibre buffing cloth are both included.

How to Use

Wash the vehicle preferably using auto-wash and decontaminate the paint using auto-clay if required.

Use cleanser-polish in a cool shaded position, and apply using the app-pad in circular motions with light to medium pressure - increased pressure will remove oxidisation and light scratching.

Allow to dry to a haze and buff to a deep shine with the microfibre cloth.

cleanser-polish can be over coated with finis-wax, double speed-wax, auto-balm or hydra-wax and the finish maintained with auto-qd.

Using finis-wax or double speed-wax will increase the depth of the shine, make metallic finishes look even better and dramatically increase the time before the paintwork next needs polishing or waxing.

auto-balm will provide a deep, rich shine particularly suited to classics, it will provide even greater improvement to porous or otherwise degraded problem paintwork and prevent rust.

Finally hydra-wax will provide super-easy application and buffing with an excellent durability increase and a deeper shine.

msds Hamber Cleanser-Polish Information Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Cleanser Polish And Finis Wax

In this video you can see the high quality gloss of the vehicle surface. The car was washed and clayed first of all, then cleanser polish was applied by hand followed by a coat of finis wax. Bilt-Hamber finis wax is used as the last stage of treatment to the vehicle surface. The high grade T1 carnauba wax is used as the backbone to provide a deep rich gloss, whilst unlike other automotive waxes excellent gloss, ease of application and buffabilty are provided by other gloss enhancing molecules. Easy to use, produces a wet-look shine - Guaranteed We're often asked if finis-wax is a hard or soft wax. Rather than look at the firmness of the contents in the aluminium container we prefer to describe the condition of the wax film produced by the product. finis-wax imparts a hard film to paint surfaces, these are more durable and protective. The optically perfect, deep wet-look shine imparts tremendous beading that not only looks great but can help prevent osmotic blistering of highly finished automotive surfaces. finis-wax is free from abrasives and should be applied to good condition paint, this is easy to achieve using korrosol and auto-clay

  •   23/05/19
    Far superior to any other product currently on the market, follow the instructions correctly and wax with Double speed wax afterwards and you will enjoy a shine that will last for months, with excellent beading properties..
  •   24/08/18
    cleanser polish
    easy too use and
    it works.
  •   21/03/18
    British brilliance
    from rust prevention to polish there really is nothing better and the communication is like the polishes....."brilliant"......serious products from a serious company..
  •   14/08/17
    Cleanser polish
    excellent product does as it said on the video i watched on line very easy to use delivery time is excellent as all ways and very well packet all ways buy from Bilt-hamber also every thing is very well priced.
  •   29/12/12
    Great product.
    Simply the best 'all in one' polish I've used and I've tried a few. Great base for a coat of finis-wax or hydra-wax for extra protection and shine.
  •   19/08/16
    Pleasantly surprised.
    Having never used it, I thought I'd give it a go.
    The council decided it'd bravo of idea to put down chippings, therefore the wife's 4 month old car was covered in tar.
    Needles to say, I needed to clay the paintwork, again! Easily ordered, received very quickly (supplied with a decent sized microfibre), easily applied and comes off very Read more about review stating Pleasantly surprised nice to, car was looking better than it ever had.
    I've not washed it since last week (when I carried this out) as its now covered in dust due to harvest. At least underneath the layer of dust I know it's nice and clean!
  •   21/06/17
    No hype
    If you can't get on with this product, your doing something wrong majorly wrong, it's easy to see why it's won awards.
  •   07/04/19
    Quietly effective
    I think that this is quite a magic product. It certainly covered a lot of scratches and glazed the de-contaminated and clayed bodywork well. The main reason that I went for this was the pre-wax effectiveness and I have no reason to doubt that the system works, but it's difficult for a move to appreciate how good this product is.
    From a uRead more about review stating Quietly effective
    sability standpoint, it is easy to apply and biff off. The towel supplied in this purchase are large, soft and effective.

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