Bilt Hamber Auto-wheel

pH adjusted reactive wheel cleaner for alloy, aluminium and steel wheels.

Bilt Hamber auto wheel cleaner 1ltr spray bottle

What you should know about alloy wheel cleaners

A non-acid, non-alkaline alloy wheel cleaner that quickly and in over 90% of cases touch less reactive wheel cleaner.

In most cases steel and alloy wheels are either lacquered or painted these coatings protect the metallic surface from corrosion and provide attractive finishes to automotive road wheels.

As vehicles brake the dust generated from pads discs and drums is at elevated temperatures, amongst this hot cloud are thousands of particles of hot metallic particles, these bombard the wheel finishes and effectively embed themselves in the finish.

Once lodged they are extremely difficult to remove, acid based alloy wheel cleaners attack these metal particles and effectively attack the particle reducing its size allowing the particle and dirt clinging to it to escape, caustic wheel cleaners are less effective than acid ones on brake dust but can attack organic coatings such as lacquers and paints on short exposure they attack any organic matter accumulated around the embedded particle and produce a seemingly clean surface, however with continued use they will dull and diminish the coating, leaving a wheel surface that needs refinishing.

Safer and more effective auto-wheel works in an entirely different way, and has proven itself by winning independent tests conducted by the UK's biggest selling automotive magazine even against powerful acid and alkaline cleaners. See the test here!

auto-wheel's pH neutral formulations reacts with the oxidising surface of the metallic particle rendering it water soluble, the rapid removal of this microscopically rusted surface reduces the embedded particle size and releases it from the surface, unlike acids this method is harmless to the wheel's finish and in fact so fast it cleans more effectively - the reaction is seen by a rapid colour change from clear to deep red, after which a simply hose or rinse leaves the wheel spotless. In severe cases a brush can be used to assist the process.

Quick Guide

The 1 litre auto-wheel is supplied with both a trigger spray and a wheel brush.

How to Use

Simply spray auto-wheel liberally on to your wheels.

Avoid directly spraying the centre caps of the wheels.

Wait for the colour changing reaction, normally 3-5 minutes depending on how contaminated the wheel is.

Now simply wash the wheel down with a hose or jetwash.

How to use auto-wheel from Bilt-Hamber

"One of our friends in Canada [Alexis Car Detailing] has been nice enough, and keen enough, to make a demonstration video on auto-wheel. auto-wheel is a non-acid, on-alkaline alloy wheel cleaner. It is completely safe to use and very easy to apply. It has won the Best Buy Wheel Cleaner Award from English car magazine giant Auto Express 4 times in as many years, most recently in April 2015!" - Bilt Hamber

  • Jim Board
    This is the best wheel cleaner I have ever used, it removes baked on brake dust and leaves the wheels perfectly clean.
  • Auto wheel
    Can't believe how good this actually is, you must get it it's amazing changes how you clean your wheels.
  • New car
    I used this product on a Passat with 9 miles on clock - results were amazing.
    Used again on 62 plate Astra that had not had a decent wheel cleaner applied for a long time.
    Sprayed cleaner, left 10 minutes, agitated a bit with brush supplied then pressure washed.
    Best wheel cleaner I have ever used. Do not under underestimate how good this is!
  • It is by far the best alloy cleaner I have used
    I received the auto-wheel cleaner yesterday and applied it this morning, I was astonished by the results of one application and how easy it was to apply.
    I have several wheel brushes and pads specifically for cleaning the wheels and hate using them with other cleaners as I get covered by the spray and dirty material.
    auto-wheel was so easy, just sprayed it on and then a little activation with the brush supplied and washed it off with the hose.
    Fab finish on my alloys and no dirt on me!!!..... It is by far the best alloy cleaner I have used.
  • Alloy Cleaner
    One word..........Awesome!!
  • Outstanding
    I ordered this on Sunday and it was delivered this morning by Royal Mail just after I finished washing my car! After 18 months of trying to get rid of baked on brake dust, I even went back to the dealer thinking my wheels had discoloured!
    This was so simple to use....spray....leave....brush....rinse and then BOOM!!!
    Thank you so much!
    Used on graphite alloys.
  • Ian
    Find a jet wash. spray. wait and wash = perfectly clean wheels...
    I had never used a wheel cleaner before, having been an adherent to the soapy water, brush and bucket routine for many years, but always my efforts left difficult areas less than perfect.
    Just having switched cars to one that came with even an even more complex design (!), I searched for a safe and effective wheel cleaner.
    I knew of Bilt Hamber products, and especially the safe, non acid wheel cleaner, and felt reassured buying this product.
    It has been the best decision I have made for car cleaning products.
    I have no pressure washer and so I take myself to my local jet wash, spray the wheels, wait a few minutes as the solution changes quickly to a deepening red and simply wash them..... they come up perfectly clean.
    No scrubbing or agitation (though my car is only a few months old), just beautifully clean wheels - exactly what I`ve been searching for after years of back breaking and bending down with a brush and bucket, scrubbing away... All in the past.
    Buy this wheel cleaner. Its amazing.
  • Amazing
    Used the auto wheel cleaner for the first time and I can safely say it's what I'll be using to clean my wheels every time from now on its simply the best!
  • Simply The Best
    By far and away the best wheel cleaner I have ever used.
    I have been cleaning/detailing cars for far more years than I care to mention.
    Tried them all, every time a new product comes out I would buy it.
    This one is a keeper. Quite simply it works, end of story.
    Great value in the 1 litre bottle too.
  • If Carlsberg made a Wheel Cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a product! I have tried them all and this, without a doubt, is the best wheel cleaner ever!
    Well done Bilt Hamber I wish you sucess in the future.
  • Look no further
    Was sceptical at first.
    After the first use I was amazed.
    Bought the car second hand and the previous owner had run the car for a good few miles with the rear pads down to the metal.
    The result was ingrained rust. I honestly thought I was going to have to get the wheel powder coated to sort it out.
    After the second application, with agitation, auto wheel had dealt with it no problem.
    A great product that does what it promises.
  • Wow amazing results
    Placed a order for this one day and received it next day, so fantastic delivery service.
    The product itself is amazing, have used other wheel cleaning products in the past but this knocks the socks of the competition.
    It's easy to use, and with it's changing colour you know its doing its stuff, a quick wash off and wow amazing results!
    I would recommend to everyone and will be buying more in the near future.
  • Wheel cleaner
    Double Wow!
    This is the best and the fastest! - If its for sale I've bought it - Wonder Wheels is good - Meguiars is good - Bilt Hamber is brill!
    I hadn't cleaned my wheels for ages looked at them every day and rebuked myself - I'm real picky so when this arrived despite only 2 degrees I was out there - fantastic fantastic - order now!
  • Auto-Wheel
    Decided to try out this product.
    I will be short on this one - It's a keeper.
  • Fabulous results
    Bilt Hamber were new to me but I took a chance a while ago with their regular auto-clay bar, auto-wash, cleanser-polish and auto-balm.
    I was so impressed with the end results that I thought I'd give the auto-wheel a go and must say that I've not been at all disappointed.
    I'd regularly used a decent brand of wheel cleaner but must confess to how easy this is to use and the end result is amazing - spray on, wait a few minutes for it to change red/purple, light rub with the brush on any stubborn areas, wash off, dry, ' job's a good'un! '
    Apart from having someone do the job it really couldn't be any easier.
    Big bottle, should last a while.
  • Dramatic
    I placed an order for auto-wheel at 08:50 Monday and received it at 09:15 Tuesday.
    Around here that is dramatically quick delivery.
    On using the product I can only say that it's action and effectiveness is just as dramatic. Amazing product.
  • Amazing
    I have never seen a product remove so much break dust and grime in 1 shot ever!
    I used this on a set of alloys that were black with break dust and 4 years worth of grime and muck and you would have thought they were brand new.
    I brought a car from a friend who had left it out in the elements for 4 years without touching it.
    I took the wheels off and gave them a quick blast with my pressure washer to remove the moss it had sprouted, I then followed the instructions and gave minimal agitation assuming the wheels would be a complete write off.
    To my surprise they came up like new! I use it now to keep them in top notch condition to be honest I dont even need to scrub the wheels now to acheive a perfect finish everytime.
    An excellent product I have recommended to all my friends who are all amazed by the finish they get!
  • Rob
    auto wheel
    Excellent and gentle cleaner. I have a set of satin black BBs ch wheels and i had been very nervous of using a wheel cleaner especially with many stating not to use on dark coloured wheels. Auto wheel however does a superb job of shifting muck and brake dust with out damaging or staining the wheel finish. Been through several bottles now and couldn't recommend enough.
  • Superb, Amazing, Fantastic product
    Simply Awesome product. Best I have ever seen and I have tried several. I wish I had found Bilt Hamber years ago as I now have lots of products I will never use again. I simply sprayed, waited and jet washed - and wow what a result! I won't be buying any other product again - This is the one you are looking for!
    I have open wheels that display the brake disks, now they are standing out the way they are meant to be. The wheels are also painted and this left no discolouration or cause of any concern. I cannot recommend this highly enough. it is the best product - I truly believe that.
  • I'm not surprised!
    Well I've used many of hambers gear working on our recommissioning Saab 900 and thought I'd try the auto wheel,I'll tell you what don't buy any other wheel cleaner again!!!!! Simple as that it's just rediculasly good
    My first use was a prime candidate our brand new iveco van that had covered just over 10k miles with hub caps on,obviously I'd been cleaning the hub caps weekly but never behind them..I tried neat bilberry wheel cleaner first and it didn't touch the black baked on dust,I must admit I honestly didn't think the auto wheel would touch it either but I sprayed it on left it 2-3 mins then power washed it off and 80% was gone(I was very surprised) then after another coat with agitation the wheels I kid you not looked totally brand new...unbelievable stuff
    I will be buying in 5ltr tubs from now on so thanks bilt hamber for a top product
    Shane Evans
  • amazing!!!
    firstly delivery: item deliveredf less than 24 hours from ordering online.
    secondly product: even better than delivery. sprayed on 16 year old alloy wheels that werre caked with brake dust.
    followed instructions, applied three times and came up fantastically clean - unbelievable transition from filthy and ugly to clean and sparkling.
  • Easily the best Alloy cleaner
    Tried other brands and not been that impressed.
    Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is amazing, had some super dirty alloys, the other cleaners didn't shift it.
    Used Autowheel and the difference was amazing, after 5 minutes the brake dust was all gone, shiny wheels again.
    You know its working when the alloys start bleeding, rinse off with water and prepare to be amazed.
    Acid and Alkaline free so thats a bonus.
    Now have some super clean 20" alloys and it was effortless.
  • Superb Wheel Cleaner
    I bought this, and then decided to try a very well known other market leader, as used by many valeters. The Bilt Hamber is the best. Superb.
  • Best yet
    I bought a box of assorted products from here, only got to use the wheel cleaner this weekend, cant believe how good it is, the other acid based stuff I did use just got thrown in the bin and I will never use anything else. And to top it off they are a very professional company to deal with and very helpful
  • First time user
    I have just used Auto Wheel for the first time on our 2 cars. It is by far the best wheel cleaner I have ever used. It works exactly as shown in the video. Have just placed an order for 5 litres!
  • Max
    Really great product
    Awesome wheel cleaner, easy to use just spray on, wait for the colour change and wash off, voila! Shiny wheels! Highly recommended.
  • Brilliant !
    Forget the rest, this stuff is absolutely fantastic at removing the brake dust that corrodes your alloy wheels. I wish I'd found it years ago and saved hundreds spent on re-furbishing alloys
  • Auto-Wheel.
    I've used other B.H. products in the past on my project car and been very impressed. So after reading the reviews on Auto-Wheel I thought I'd try some on our new Astra. It has multi spoke alloys which would be very difficult to clean without a proper wheel cleaner. Auto-Wheel is easily applied with no nasty smells or vapours and works very quickly. I always agitate with a soft brush but I probably wouldn't need to if I used my pressure washer rather than the garden hose to wash the dissolved brake dust and dirt away. The wheels always end up really clean and looking superb. Yet again B.H. have produced another excellent product. Highly recommended.
  • The wheel deal!!!
    After using many alloy wheel cleaners in my time, I happened to read a review of this product in a car magazine left in a Doctors surgery. Initially, I thought it too good to be true. An alkaline wheel cleaner, that doesn't take a layer of lacquer off your wheels every time it is used. I bought some and used it. I always thought I had clean wheels. Wrong. NOW I have clean wheels. This really is a proper wheel cleaner. Thank you.