Bilt Hamber auto-clay

Decontaminate and remove iron particles from your cars paintwork, auto-clay is an multiple-award winning clay bar, designed for durability, ease-of-use and to be cost effective.

Bilt Hamber Auto Clay

Our clay-bars are designed to effortlessly restore the factory smooth finish to paint finishes. They have received critical acclaim in the detailing industry for being the most durable, cost effective and well-designed clay-bars available today.

Auto Express Magazine, a giant in the car magazine world, has awarded auto-clay with their Best Clay Bar award every year for the last 5! Also they compared the clay-cloths to clay-bars in one recent test, where they concluded that bars were better, and that auto-clay was the pick of the bunch once again!

So which clay-bar do you need?

The choice between the auto-clay bars will depend on several factors:

Regular -
If the vehicle is heavily contaminated, has never been clay-barred before, or it's hot summertime then use Regular. All clay bars become firmer when cold and softer when warm.

Medium -
For paintwork that is in a reasonable condition, Medium will be preferred.
The easier folding of the clay to expose a fresh working surface will be very beneficial.

Soft -
If paint is in good condition, if you like to clay your vehicle frequently or indeed if the weather is cold, then use Soft.

Why use a clay-bar?

Assess the degree of embedded metallic and brake dust debris that has entered the surface of your paint film by gently rubbing the paint with fingertips.

Feel for the grittiness that these damaging particles impart to paint films.

Using Bilt-Hamber Clay-Bars - regular, medium or soft - you will effortlessly remove particles, leaving the paint glass-smooth. Discolouring road film will also be gently lifted.

Claying will make a world of difference when lubricated with plenty of water and hardly any pressure. The bar glides like an ice hockey puck, and is pleasant and satisfying to use.

Not only does the paint feel and look a lot better once clayed, but the removal of these objects sticking to the surface allows the next stages of paint care to progress far more smoothly. As now cleansers, waxes and polishes glide across the surface far more easily.

It is highly recommended that before using a clay bar the paint is pre-treated with korrosol.

This high activity cleaner actively removes embedded metallic particles in a simply spray on rinse off action.

By removing these particles before the clay-bar is used, the bar will last longer and concentrate its action on the remaining contamination..

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Auto Express Magazine Best by product testing 2017

Bilt Hamber auto-clay

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Bilt Hamber auto-clay

Quick Guide

▶   Run your fingers over you freshly washed and dried paint work. Feel for a rough, gritty texture, this is caused by embedded particles. Bonnets are often most contaminated.

▶   If you can feel these particles atomise a fine mist of clean tap water over a 2-3 square feet area, using a plant mister or suitable spray.

▶   Glide the clay bar over the wet surface, properly lubricated clay will move effortlessly just like an ice hocky puck on ice.

▶   You may well hear the contamination at first, this will quickly reduce as you move the bar back-and-forth. Keep the bar moving until the noise has gone

▶   Check again with you finger tips to check that all the contamination was removed.

▶   Once you car's paint is glass smooth - and it really will be - use Auto-balm to seal the pores and provide a deep gloss shine.

How to Use

Before using Auto-clay thoroughly wash your car to remove any loose dirt. Direct sunlight should not fall on your car's surface, and it's best if the work area is relatively cool, but not cold.

To use the clay bar spray water with a plant mister on a small area of your car and rub the bar back and forth with light pressure. Auto-clay should glide across your paint keep the paint surface wetted thoroughly. Auto-clay must not be used dry. Listen carefully - at first you will hear the bar as it pulls the particles away from the paint, the noise and friction will disappear quickly.

After a few passes with the Clay bar, rub your fingers over the area to feel if the surface contamination was removed. Keep rubbing until all contamination is gone. Finally, wipe the clay residue off with a soft terrycloth towel. Just like waxing, work in small areas.

What you will see coming off of the car and depositing itself on the clay bar is a reddish brownish residue, this is what you want to see. As the clay bar becomes soiled, simply fold it over squash it out and keep going. Under no circumstances should the clay bar be used if dropped on the ground, inside or out! The clay bar is good for about 4 or 5 cleans on the average sized car. Once the paint is clean, wax your car immediately.

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The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Watch How To Use Clay Bars Properly Video

How To Use Clay Bars Properly by Bilt Hamber

How To Use Clay Bars Properly by Bilt Hamber

Auto-clay regular provides a method of removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving its durability and increasing the gloss level of subsequent waxes. auto-clay regular is ideally suited to cars not previously clayed, heavily contaminated or for the removal of overspray. It's also great for hot summer months or warmer climates.

  • New VW
    I took delivery of a new VW Passat with 9 miles on clock. I used the auto-clay Clay Bar and could not believe the results. Despite car being delivered with a good dealer prep the amount of grit, grime and residue lifted off paint was amazing. Please read about how vehicles are delivered and the abuse they go through. Despite reservations as to how easy it was to use, fear of dropping the bar and the feeling I was sanding the paint surface I was pleasantly surprised. Made the process of waxing so much easier. Only used 1/3 of the bar. Bar has since been used on a 62 Astra and still reasonably clean for future use. I of course will use the remaining Clay Bar! Fabulous product.
  • Fantastic
    First time user of the clay bar. So easy to use. I used it with a 50/50 mix of the Auto-QD rather than just water to lubricate the paint. It's amazing how gritty the paintwork feels beforehand, what a difference it makes to the paintwork, ready for the cleanser- polish - which I used. I have a VW T5 Transporter camper van and used a 1/4 of it for each side. A small car will probably only use 1/4, so cut it into quarters before you use it.
  • Clay-regular
    Tested it today on my white car - which was spotted with filth.
    This clay is very good indeed, no need for lubricants. Just use your wash water to lube up the surface.
    Took out just about every particle from the surface, never had it this pure white. Also did the windows and it also has the same working. Cleaned them well!
    What else to say, easy to use, superb performance, price/quality.
    Another great tool to have.
  • Truly amazing product
    Having bought the regular clay bar I set about treating my 16 year old bmw, I found that the clay bar applied to my car very well, followed the instructions, and I was amazed of the contaminents that lifted off the paint. Having finished the first aplication I then waxed the treated area, all I can say is wow just stunning results!!! I will be using these products for a very long time, Very, very pleased.
  • Kit
    I bought the special offer of auto-wash, cleaner, clay-bar and auto-balm. My car looks fantastic and I used the cleaner to clean all my PVC outside my house. Very good products and I will recommend to everybody, thanks!
  • Fantastic
    Just wanted to offer some praise ! - Took delivery of Auto Balm & clay at the weekend. FANTASTIC ! I\'ve posted a reivew at Thanks again!
  • Brilliant
    Just writing in to say that I have recently used your Clay Bar on my car and the finish is brilliant. It has really given the car the smooth finish that I anticipated. Keep up the good work.
  • Impressive
    Last year I purchased your auto balm cleaning kit and eventually got round to using it this Christmas, I used your clay bar and auto balm on my 1961 Jaguar MK2. The finish is very impressive, thanks.
  • Astonishing
    I recently purchased your soft auto-clay and auto-balm and have used both today as instructed on my 2004 WR Blue Mica Subaru Impreza WRX. The clay was very easy and safe to use and I cannot believe how little of the auto-balm is required to achieve a deep and very reflective high gloss shine. So easy to apply and buff too: The results are astonishing!
  • Quick and Easy
    This is a great product. Due to the fact that the clay bar works with water you can use it straight after you have washed your car and you never have to worry about running out of lubricant. I would definitely recommend it!
  • Clay Bar
    Used on my pride and joy Porsche and the results from the BH clay bar is remarkable and very easy to use. Highly recommended product. Had same excellent results on the Range Rover. Polished both after with Double Speed wax and cars look like showroom quality.
  • My go to clay bar
    I have been using Bilt hamber clay for years and I wont use any other clay as I used different makes in the past but found they did not work as well as Bilt Hamber clay. I have started to use other Bilt Hamber products and I have found that they are also top products that are in my go to range.
  • Fantastic
    I had lots of small rust spots & contamination on my car, washed with Bilt Hamber Auto wash then used the medium clay bar. It is so easy to use as you just have the car wet, it removed all the marks & left my car looking like new. I then used the double speed wax to protect the paintwork. Don't be scared to try this as you car will be like new after.
  • Mal
    New to using a Clay Bar
    As above, did a bit of research and the Bilt Hamber clay bars come highly recommended by auto express. Was a bit worried about it only needing water not some special lubricant but having now used it I can only say wow. It is fine with a water lubricant, I used a garden hose to keep well wet but considering I've never used a clay bar before, its dead simple to get a fantastic finish to your cars paintwork. The difference is stunning and can only add that I'm so impressed with the results that I felt the need to leave this review (I've never bothered before and no I don't work for Bilt Hamber!) Quick tip, if you're using the regular bar keep a bucket of hot clean water nearby and submerse the clay as you fold/shape it which makes it a lot easier
  • Total newbie & wow!!
    I'll be honest I'm not much of a review writer & am brand new to this type of detailing product, prior to this the most exotic product I'd bought for my car was some wax for the alloys. If I'm honest I almost didn't use the clay bar today- I ran my fingers over the paintwork as described on here & it didn't feel too bad, but if I'm honest I wanted to try out the soft clay for the first time. As I'd been told to expect I could hear the clay rubbing over the embedded muck in the paint work this quickly stopped & the clay puck glided silently over the paint. The process was completely effortless & WOW! What a difference it's made to the paint, it really is like glass. Applying polish after was incredibly easy with no "gritty" sound to it either & the finish is just awesome- I think better than when I bought it. Great product, I think I'm hooked.