Bilt Hamber Deox-Gel

Non-toxic rust removal gel for parts not able to be soaked in deox-C bath

Bilt Hamber Deox Gel

Deox-Gel is a viscous, highly thixotropic, rust remover, designed for corrosion removal on surfaces or objects too large to submerge in a bath of Deox-C. Along with the viscosity builders and preservatives, the active agents in Deox-Gel are harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Abrasive cleaning methods such as grinding, sanding or blast-cleaning will remove sound steel surrounding corroded areas. The risk of grit inclusion resultant from blast-cleaning, has been proven to cause early coating failure, corrosion and mechanical wear, is eliminated.

Slag-based blast cleaning media all contain heavy metals which when used in open-nozzle blast-cleaning equipment give off dust that may contain harmful levels of these elements. Use of Deox-Gel will eliminate the risk of distortion to thin steel sections, which can result from the blast-cleaning process.

Thick gel clings to vertical surfaces

Non-toxic, and safe to use

Doesn't require constant attention - frees-up valuable man-hours

Harmless non-toxic and biodegradable

Produces clean bare metal finish

Does not destroy or distort delicate steel

Harmless to glass, plastics, aluminium and chrome

Eliminates grit embedment - a recognised problem with blast cleaning that can cause premature coating failure

1. This medium to heavy rusted steel plate has been degreased with a water-based degreasing agent.

2. Deox-Gel is a thick paste designed to create a deep coating that de-rusts items too big to soak in a deox-C bath.

3. Here a brush is used to smooth the Deox-Gel across the rusted surface, the gel must remain in a thick even layer; brushing out to a thin coat must be avoided. Spatulas or trowels may also be used to spread Deox-Gel. For very large areas pressure pot spray systems can be used.

4. The applied Deox-Gel is covered with plastic wrap to assist in the retention of moisture, this step is not essential, but it ensures that the gel remains soft indefinitely.

5. After 12 hours undisturbed the plastic film can be removed - the gel has darkened through corrosion absorption. A steel rule is used to push back the gel layer, demonstrating the effectiveness of Deox-Gel.

6. After a scrub with a stiff plastic-bristled brush and plenty of water the treated area is clean and ready for protection.

msds Deox Gel Product Information Sheet 1
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The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

msds Deox Gel Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

  • Bilt-Hamber's Deox-Gel is just the job. Simply ladle the gooey almost apple-sauce like compound onto the effected area and ensure there is always a thickness of at least 3mm present.
    ...after between 12 and 48 hours simply wash the remnants of the gel away with water and a stiff bristled brush to be left with perfectly clean steel.
  • Another interesting product I have found is a rust remover from Bilt Hamber Laboratories. I have been looking for something like this for day I brushed the gel off with water and the metal underneath was like it had been chromium. The rust had been cleared out of the heavy pit marks that a grinder could not have got to without grinding half the metal away. I must admit I was very sceptical, as I have paid good money out for rubbish before, so it was a very pleasant surprise.
  • Brilliant Product
    I dont normally write reviews (especially good ones) but I did feel like I had to for this. Cant recommend this product enough, takes all the hard work out of removing rust, after leaving the treatment on a rusty battery tray for 2 days it came up like new shiny metal. For a classic car owner I was delighted. If you have rust buy this product, job Done
  • Safe and effective product
    Well done Bilt Hamber!
    A safe alternative to phosphoric acid based products with there inherent risks to both components and person, especially if attempting use on vehicle rust treatment such as chassis and body shell, where you cant dip the part and often have to working in restricted spaces where rust loves to reside, brushing whilst laying on your back under the car is whilst if not pleasant at least is safe, sensible precautions apply, such as wearing a face visor to keep the product out of eyes and mouth, but as the product appears to fairly benign it is so much more viable than trying the same with acid products.
    My regime for using was first degrease followed by washing and drying, then use of mechanical removers such as angle grinder wire brush and drill mounted wheels and brushes to remove as much of rust and old paint as is possible, followed by a wash with IPA panel wash, and drying all areas with air dusting gun after wash had flashed off.
    Several applications deox-Gel are required on heavy rust pitting, with wash down of first coat drying with air gun more mechanical removal and re-coat wash down drying and rewash in IPA, then rust Neutraliser, then high zinc primer then chassis black.
    After the second treatment most of the metal was a bright silver colour, my reason for using rust Neutraliser was that as a lot of the metal had pitting and some was hard to access, I wanted 100% reassurance of rust eradication, will be following up with Bilt Hamber waxes both S50 and UB.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best in your endeavors
  • Excellent
    I made a test using Deox and Pelox (conventional Phosphoric acid product) on a corroded steel plate incl pitting corrosion.
    After 2-3 treatments the Deox removed all rust and it was possible to watch all the pits.
    Amazing - the steel plate was shining bright. The Pelox product was similar in performance but required much more time for complete removal.
  • Removed all traces of 40 plus years of weathering
    I have been using your products for some time and recommending them to many of my friends.
    Before I discovered BH products (auto-clay, auto-balm, auto-wheel, auto-wash) I tended to use Autoglym which I still rate highly- just not as highly as yours!
    I have just coated half a plinth for mounting an AA badge with deox-Gel. I did this as a demo for a friend who could not believe that merely coating the item (no rubbing down first, in fact I didn't even clean it first) and leaving it for 36 hours removed all traces of 40 plus years of weathering.
    Thank you for supplying products that actually deliver the claims!.
  • Excellent
    Firstly, a note to say thanks for excellent service, and excellent product.
    A while back I bought some deox-gel, really not expecting it to work as well as you claimed...but thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised when it actually did! Also, your shipping is fast and economical, not like some other companies who charge a fortune for shipping.
  • Good for difficult areas
    I have been using the Deox Gel to remove the rust from welded seams. I have 2 classic BMW cars - an 1974 2002 and a 1986 E28 5-series. On both cars, in awkward areas, rust has got into seams (including the wheel arches.). But, with a degree of patience and the help of the Deox Gel I have successfully removed the rust. To start, I've scraped away all the loose rust (at times, with dental tools!) and then pressed the Gel into the cavities. Then I've covered in cling film. The next day I've cleaned and repeated. Even in areas that I thought were impossible to de-rust the Deox Gel has done the job. Would recommend.