Lanox - MX4 Spray & Lubricant

LANOX Lanolin Lubricant is a heavy duty, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade oil and lanolin base, with specialised chemical compounds

Lanox - MX4 - Aerosol Spray & Lubricant

Lanolin is a natural wax found in animal wool especially the wool from sheep, commonly referred as 'WOOL FAT' or 'WOOL GREASE', it has wide spread uses, cosmetics, medical, soaps, etc. Down through the centuries the Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, sailors and soldiers alike all used lanolin as a very effective anti- corrosion and waterproofing agent for a variety of metals, materials, timbers, to protect sails, leather, cannons, etc. Although we make INOX, a quality anti-corrosion lubricant, there are areas where a lanolin based anti-corrosion lubricant like LANOX is sometimes better suited for the application at hand.

Why MX4

LANOX is a heavy duty anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade lubricating oil and lanolin base with specialized chemical compounds.

LANOX contains no silicon, kerosene, acids or dieselene.

LANOX is harmless to metal points & surfaces, plastics, painted & enamel finishes, fibreglass, formica, rubber or neoprene seals.

LANOX doesn't become sticky, gooey or gum up.

LANOX is non-conductive, non-static & non-corrosive.

LANOX has neutral properties, low flammability (NON-AEROSOL)

Lanox doesn't dry out or wash off with water


Many people have asked me, "Why did I bring out another anti-corrosion lubricant when I had the best product of this type INOX, already on the market". The answer is quite simple, sure INOX will cover most of the applications most of the times where an anti-corrosion lubricant is required, but there are times when a heavier, longer lasting anti-corrosion lubricant is needed to do the job. 4 years reseach and testing went into LANOX before I brought it out on the market.

LANOX and INOX about 70% of the time can be used in the same application, INOX being more suitable for the lighter applications such as for electrical, hobbies and the food processing industry (type 'A' food grade approved, AQIS) and LANOX suitable for the more extreme climatic and high humidity conditions. We have found that INOX may affect some of the more modern natural rubber products with long continual use, LANOX doesn't have this affect. I have set out in the following applications where LANOX & INOX are best suited. These are the most common applications of use for each product.

John W Chardon CEO
Candan Industries Pty. Ltd


ANCHORS-CHAINS-SHACKLE BOLTS: For good protection against corrosion & helps reduce fouling

CONCRETE: Keeps shovel, trowels, floats & formwork clean & corrosion free between use - Stops mortar & concrete adhering to aluminium frames, window & door glass on construction work sites.

CONSTRUCTION & FABRICATION: Protects bare metal & welded joints from corrosion in the open air before painting during construction.

EARTH MOVING MACHINERY: Use as an anti-seize on all track & blade nut & bolts before screwing together - Penetrates to free up bolts, nuts & parts. Protects all bare metal surfaces & blades between use.

FARM MACHINERY: Protects all painted & bare metal surfaces from corrosion - Protects & lubricates sprockets, chains & cables from corrosion on all harvesters(grain, cane, grape, etc.), sowers, vegetable diggers & washers in use & in the off season.

IRRIGATION PLANT & PIPES: Keeps pump motors, linkages, cables, couplings & electricals clean & free from corrosion & lubricated while in use & when in storage

JET SKIS & OUTBOARDS: Protects outboards, clamps, props & jet skis from salt water corrosion, will not harden or harm rubber fittings - Keeps control & steering cables & linkages in good working order, lubricated & corrosion free.

LIVESTOCK TRANSPORT: Spray on all livestock grates & gates (road, rail, etc.) to protect against rust & chemical corrosion before transit or in storage - Lubricates & protects locks & hinges.

MINING: Protects all bare metal surfaces, pump motors (above & below ground), drag lines, winches & associated electricals from moisture & corrosion in high humidity & adverse weather conditions.

MOORING & SLIPS: Stops electrolysis - Keeps winches, cables, slip cradles & wheel bushes lubricated & corrosion free Protection for electricals from moisture & salt air corrosion.

PROTECTION: Protection for painted & bare metal surfaces in the open under adverse conditions from moisture & corrosion. Protects all bare & untreated timber from water & dry rot - It may darken slightly bare or untreated timber, but it will not harm it.

TRAILERS: Boat, Box, Car & Horsefloats, spray on chassis, springs, axles, hinges,couplings winches, cables, light fittings & electricals for protection from salt air corrosion & moisture.

THREAD ANTI-SEIZE: Spray on all metal threads before joining, stops threads corroding together makes it easier to undo the joint, nut or bolt later.

MX4 Lanolin Lubricant Common Questions

LANOX is a Lanolin based anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant.

What difference is there between LANOX and INOX?
LANOX has been designed for a more heavy duty application than the original INOX, it is not food grade approved like INOX because it contains Lanolin, solvents and oil, it has no adverse effect on rubber.

Can I use LANOX for any applications that I would normally use INOX?
In about 70% of instances LANOX & INOX will have the same results as both contain no silicon, acids, kerosene or dieselene. They are both top quality lubricants, cutting agents and anti-moisture, anti-corrosion sprays.

What are the areas that LANOX would be preferred over INOX?
For example LANOX is more suitable in certain marine applications such as Anchors, Chains & Shackle Bolts and in the protection of Outboard & Inboard Motors. INOX would be best used in areas such as Marine Radios, Sail Tracks (non-staining) and the protection of stainless & aluminium fittings ( good for polishing stainless steel, aluminium & fibreglass). For use in Firearms, LANOX is best used for long term storages purposes whereas INOX has better applications for the day to day cleaning and lubrication (anti-static) so it doesn't attract dirt and helps clean barrel residues easier.

Does LANOX have applications in the Farming Industry?
Because of it's Lanolin base it has good long term applications in areas such as cutter bars on headers, lawnmowers, linkages, etc to protect against rust and corrosion (spray onto moving parts to give protection during stand down periods). LANOX is a good anti-corrosion agent for bare metals in storage, stock crates or as a protectant after welding. LANOX is also a good long term lubricant for areas that traditionally receive little maintenance attention (ie. gate hinges, stationary motors, etc).

Does LANOX have applications for Earthmoving Equipment?
LANOX can be used as long term lubrication for linkages, cables couplings, etc and for corrosion protection in electrical systems as well as an anti-seize on track bolts and wheel studs.

Can LANOX be used as a cutting lubricant?
Yes, tests conducted prior to it's release found that LANOX is an effective cutting, milling, tapping and thread cutting lubricant for a variety of metals. It is especially effective on aluminium.

msds LANOX MX4 Aerosol - Material Safety Data Sheet
msds LANOX MX4 Lubricant - Material Safety Data Sheet

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