Wurth Wurth Spray Seam Sealer - Black - 310ml

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Spray sealer based on MS polymers to restore the original structure and texture when undertaking an accident repair. Contains solvents.

Paintable within 1 hour
Isocyanate and silicone free
Good adhesion properties on galvanized, self color & originally primed parts
Quick drying (approx 3mm/24h at 68?F and 50% RH)
Wet on wet paintability once product has skinned over
Can be painted with all standard commercial paints (except alkyd resin paints)
Once opened the cartridge remains usable for several weeks

Very broad adhesion range
Adheres to many surfaces, even without a primer coat

Great Shore A hardness
The material is impervious to mechanical loads

High tensile strength and elongation at tear
The seam also withstands stronger movements / elongation UV-stable
Excellent ageing behavior, even when seams are not painted over

Suitable for painting over
Wet on wet- and can be painted over with any conventional painting system (except alkyd resin paints) up to five days after skin formation
After this period, another adhesion promoter (primer coat) must be applied for improved adhesion of the paint

Isocyanate and silicone free

Suitable for
Sealing joints when replacing components in the engine compartment, boot, floor pan, suspension, etc.

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The application surfaces must be clean, dry, dust and grease-free. Seam sealer is applied with the pneumatic gun PS4, Art. No. 0891 628 4. The desired textures and layer thicknesses are determined by the distance to the object/the air pressure.

Do not allow seam sealer to come into contact with fresh polyurethane materials (i.e. those that have not yet hardened). If painting over with metallic paints, a blocking primer should definitely be applied. The best adhesion between the paint and the seam sealer is achieved when the material is painted over immediately following application.