Wurth Wheel Silver Wheel - 400ml

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Wurth Silver Wheel Paint is used to refinish dull or scuffed wheels and hub caps. The fine mist spray goes on evenly and matches all German-made wheels.

If your vehicle is not German made, test an inconspicuous area before doing touch-ups on the outer face of your wheel.

If your wheels all need total refinishing, this durable silver paint will work for any wheels.

Remove your wheel and clean them thoroughly (POR-15’s Marine Clean works well here) before spraying it.

This works on both plastic hubcaps and wheels.

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Sand the wheel / hubcap smooth and apply a few coats of the Wurth Wheel Silver and then top coat with a few coats of the clear to give then the professional OEM look.

A little money spent to bring them back up to scratch or get rid of the scratches.


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