Wurth Rubber Care Stick

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Silicone free care for rubber seals. Prevent door rubbers freezing in winter.

Resistant to splash and salt water.
Biologically degradable.
Resistant to diluted acids and alkaline.
Water repellent.

Keeps rubber seals on doors, boot lids and bonnets in good condition and prevents freezing in winter.

The resilience of all rubber parts is maintained, increasing service life and prevent cracking. Freezing and drying winter are effectively prevented. Eliminates squealing and creaking noises caused bt dry rubber.

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The Wurth Rubber Care Gel Stick is designed for treating weather stripping and rubber trim.
One of the main benefits, besides conditioning the rubber and slowing/preventing aging, is that it is moisture resistant.
This prevents moisture from freezing (during cold weather) on the seal and ultimately freezing the door shut.
This makes this item almost essential for those unfortunate souls who live in cold weather.
How does it look and how easy is it to use?

Photos thanks to Todd Helme of Autopia Forums


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Wurth Rubber Care Gel Stick Material Safety Data Sheet