Our Restoration Brands - U-POL

U-POL is a global British company established in 1948 and dedicated to manufacturing and selling automotive refinish products including bodyfillers, coatings, aerosols and ancillaries of the highest quality.

Fillers: Polyester fillers are used for automotive body repair, construction, boatbuilding and industry. U-POL have produced polyester fillers since 1948, and are Europe's largest producer. U-POL filers have been tested and modified for Australian conditions and have been sold here since 1989.

Coatings In the early 2000's U-POL expanded it's Wellingborough UK facilities and commissioned a paint manufacturing plant. Our products include automotive clearcoats, primers, solid and metallic colours, heavy-duty coatings, solvents and ancillaries.

Aerosols U-POL has its own aerosol filling plant and produces clearcoats, primers, colours and ancillaries for DIY and professional use. U-POL also offers the CUSTOM CAN aerosol filling system, which allows paint suppliers to quickly and easily fill aerosol cans with paints to match their customers specifications.