Top Coats

Primer is the foundation for your vehicle’s paint job.

Understanding the different types of primers available and when and where to use each, will ensure your paint job is built on a solid foundation. From epoxy primer, self etch primer, high build surface primer, to ultra build polyester primer, PPCCO has the primer you need to get your vehicle’s panels blocksanded laser straight.


DTM (Direct To Metal) primer offering excellent adhesion and sealing properties. Great for after media blasting or paint stripping.

Self Etching Primer:

Traditional DTM primer where acid in the primer provides the extra bite to give you a solid layer to build on.

Urethane Primer:

A sandable primer which allows for leveling out imperfections typically sprayed over epoxy or self etching primer.

Polyester Primers:

Think "sprayable body filler"... The trick the pros use to get laser straight body panels and a killer paint job in the end.

Basecoat/Clear Coat:

The perfect way to a show car finish. This modern process places the color layer down first in an easy to apply basecoat. Then clearcoat is applied to give a deep shine.

Single Stage:

Most antique and muscle cars were painted with a single stage paint from the factory where color & gloss is achieved in one paint. While more affordable and producing a factory-like finish, it's also less forgiving. You will need to have good painting technique to achieve even color and gloss.