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Leather Jacket

A customer was tired of his old brown jacket so after prepping it, it was re dyed black. The whole job used, 250ml Prep Solution and 250ml of black dye and it was done over a two day period.

Total product ordered to do the job 500ml of each

Deans 1955 Roll Royce

Here are the before and after pics. The before pics were taken in the car. The after pics are the seats on the dining table.

I hope you can see the difference from the photos because in the flesh the change is quite big. I'd definitely recommend to future users to take the time and apply the dye with the method you mentioned the other day.

It produces a much better finish and it would take a real eagle eye to detect that it wasn't new leather.

The experts say, "keep" sanding and then do a wipe coat as below.
▶   Take a good quality paper towel
▶   Dip in water
▶   Wring dry
▶   Make into a "powder puff" no edges
▶   Dip in the dye
▶   WIPE on the dye in a quick motion like putting on wax.

The result is about a 2 mil finish which looks like an airbrush was used. You keep adding dye as each coat dries till the project is finished.

Ferrari Seat

Domestic Leather

Leather Lounge

1972 Rover 3500

Auto Leather

1956 Mercedes-Benz

1995 Mercedes-Benz