Feedback - John & Mike 1988 Bentley Continental

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John & Mike 1988 Bentley Continental


Our 1988 Bentley is all finished inside with refreshed wood and leather and took First Place in its class at the Texas RROC Spring Meet in Abilene this past weekend!

The Leatherique process of old finish removal, leather feeding, and new color restoration was - as you know - very time-consuming, but the results were very nice.

I used a slightly different technique than what you have described: brushing on the dye and allowing it to ALMOST dry, then wiping it over with a clean dry Bounty towel.

It takes a couple tries to get the timing right on any given day (given the temperature and humidity of the garage), but there is no harm in doing a panel over to get it right.

This leaves the surface with a "matte" finish uniformly free of gloss or sheen.

I had been working on it a couple nights a week since October, and I would not do it again soon, but I CAN say, "I did it myself!"

I also appreciate the care you take in your mixing. The second bottle was exactly the same as the first bottle, allowing me to work as though all the dye came from the same bottle.