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How to clean and restore your leather jackets and garments

Leather is an extremely durable garment fabric. Our ancestors have been wearing leather since we all lived in caves. Many of the artifacts that have been salvaged from the Egyptian tombs are made of fine leather. When the Titanic was discovered a few years ago, even though all traces of humans had long since been lost to the sea, leather wallets and satchels remained intact, and protected many recovered artifacts belonging to the souls on that fateful journey.

Because leather is durable, it is a simple matter for the owner to keep it clean, conditioned, and gorgeous for generations. When you bring your leather items to the cleaners, they are put into large machines that clean them with harsh chemicals. Your leather comes back dryer, and with the color more faded than when you sent it. It just makes sense to trust your leather to a cleaner that will truly care for it, YOU!

To clean your leather coat or jacket you'll need:
▶   Leatherique Rejuvenator
▶   A padded hanger
▶   A place to hang your coat or jacket undisturbed for over night
▶   Febreeze or other microbial fabric sanitizer

▶   Turn the jacket inside out and clean the inside of your leather garment. This is easily accomplished with a light spray of Febreeze or other cleaner on the liner. Spray the under arm areas well if you've perspired in the coat. This is a very light mist spray, don't drench the lining.
▶   Turn the garment right side out and lay it on it's back on a work table covered with a large towel.
▶   Spray the front side of the coat with Rejuvenator, and work it in with your hands. Spray and work the Rejuvenator into the arms well, as they tend to get the most dirty. Fold the arms onto the front of the jacket, and spray and condition the other side of the arms.
▶   Lift the jacket, and lay it on it's front and spray and work the Rejuvenator onto the back side.
▶   If the jacket is very dirty, such as a bikers jacket, or a smokers' jacket, apply some Rejuvenator to a soft cloth and clean the jacket with the Rejuvenator to remove surface dirt.
▶   Hang the jacket on the padded hanger and leave it overnight.
▶   The next day, buff the jacket with a soft cloth. Any excess dirt will be expelled to the surface, and the jacket will be left feeling like new with a luxurious hand.
▶   If the jacket is of a heavier leather, such as a bikers jacket, aviation bomber jacket, or if the jacket or coat is several years old and already beginning to dry, or if you are a smoker and have tar and nicotine imbedded in your jacket, several more applications of Rejuvenator will be required. Just apply the Rejuvenator, let it stay undisturbed overnight, and buff the following day. The dirt will be safely expelled to the surface, and your leather will be left healthy, clean, and able to breathe as leather should.

Because apparel leather is not as thick as automotive leather, heat is not required, and the average temperature in your home is sufficient.

Keeping the hides nourish with the proteins and collagens in the Rejuvenator will also help keep the leather more impervious to rain, as plump leather will not absorb moisture. You should never use your leather coat as a rain coat, as it is not formulated for that, but all of us have been caught in downpours, and this should be no excuse for ruined leather.

Clean your leather apparel at the end of each season before you put it away. With a bit of care, your leather will last indefinitely

If color is faded, worn, or damaged, you can easily redye your jacket with Leatherique dye to help it look like new again.

Email us if you have any specific questions or are working with antique or unusual type of leather.