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Roy has just bought another Healey in USA and will be restoring it to the competitive version like the first three pics.

Roy's starting point.

18th May 2014

Hi Rob.

Finally starting the project. It's taken a while to finish renovating the house and sorting out my garage, but it's all go from now.

The car will go on a new chassis and any damaged parts are going to be replaced with new ones rather than repair.

I have started on the front scuttle getting ready to remove it from the damaged chassis. Removing spot welds is a bit of challenge.

I am finding a flattened out drill bit is the best.

The plan is as per my last Healey to use Por15 as the base for protection once the old parts have been sandblasted.

The young fella helping dad in the garage.

Buckled chassis rail and engine mount

Damaged peddle box removed.
Note hole in firewall it's going too!

New Kilmartin Chassis