Customer Comments & Results - James' on-going HZ GTS !

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Thanks for your help in answering all my questions when I visited your shop on Tuesday morning this week, with regards to spraying on POR15 to the under body of my HZ GTS. Here are some photos of the first stage of the project hope you can use on your web site, also look forward to seeing the video on using Metal Ready.

Ready for Sand Blast: "Car totally stripped down and frame welded up to tilt body to allow easy access to under body."

Sand Blast: "Well this took a good four days to sand blast by myself but it saved a lot of money and the results speak for itself"

Tuesday 4/12/06: "Visited the show room at Warriewood to discuss the POR15 finishes and technical aspects of spraying. Rob was very helpful in answering all questions and products and I think I bought almost everything to do a ground up rebuild, also thanks to the young lady for the babysitting service provided - little James enjoyed his stamps and the puppy dog" "Advise everyone not sure visit the shop and find out for yourself you might also get a discount."
Sprayed 2 coats of POR15 onto the under body, using 1.4 nozzle gravity gun @ 30-35 PSI to achieve high gloss. All I can say is WOW this product rocks and you can do it at home. The rippling effect in the photo could not be help as this is actually the reflection of the blue drop sheet, yes it is that glossy very very happy with the result. (main reason for spraying was all the tricky access areas which would have been a nightmare with the brush)

1.4 litres of POR15 and used 5% solvent Gravity feed 2002 gun 1.4mm nozzle Lots of solvent for cleanup Cleaned gun between coats, just a rinse with solvent (do not let this stuff any chance to dry in your gun) Drop sheets, over spray was not that bad make sure everything is covered 1.5 meters from object. 3M Organic vapour mask Cheap white space man suite (Disposable)

Diff: "Next stage the diff as you can see it is very ordinary, can not wait to sand blast and paint this before Christmas I hope"

Update 27th December 2006

Diff Sand blasted and ready for paint.

Once again, 2 coats of POR15 with 5% solvent, used an small touch gun to spray on 200 ml of POR15, looks much better, like new.

Update May 2007

Diff installed into car and you can see the springs painted in Hardnose.

Chassis getting ready to be sand blasted

As you can see the chassis has been sand blasted and is ready for paint.

Coated in two coats of POR 15 - looks like brand new

Update June 2008

It has been a while, been very busy moving to Brisbane. Here is an update for my HZ GTS.

Sandblasted tank and coated in metal ready next job paint.

Two coats off POR 15 sprayed on tank looks great. Also you can see that I have welded in a new rear boot section in red primer.

Update February 2009

Firewall stripped and ready for paint.

Two coats of POR15 and 2 coats of POR-15 Blackcote Gloss nice

Engine removed and on stand ready to go to engine reconditioning.

Couple of months and the engine is back. Engine and gearbox painted in POR-15 Chev Orange Engine Enamel. Intake Manifolds and alloy housings on gearbox painted in POR-15 Stirling Silver. Engine enamel was sprayed on whereas the Stirling Silver was brushed on no need as its finish is just like spraying it on.

As you can see it is all coming together now Engine is in. Exhaust manifolds painted in POR-15 heat paint Silver Brilliant Aluminium this shot has been taken after engine has been run in for 20 minutes as you can see no discolouring or flaking on the manifolds, very happy. Front guards painted with Por15 and top coated with Blackcote Gloss. You can also see the fuel lines, painted in Por15 grey.

Liked the Exhaust Brilliant Aluminum that much decided to do the engine pipes as well, one hint with application, to get a super smooth finish spray on look. After say 3-4 minutes just light brush over your painted area do not apply any more paint just light brush over the area again with the same application brush, I have found this removes any small lumps and imperfections and really brings out that aluminum sprayed on look. Also one small tin does the whole exhaust.