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The fittings were polished up and then a few coats of Glistern PC applied, this will keep the shine and save continual polishing.

I visited you in Warriewood and bought some products to keep the shine on the fittings on the timber workboat which I am restoring.

I have attached some pictures to this email. I have more if you want to see them.... but these three may be the best.


1. After cleaning, the 25 pounder was painted with two coats of POR-15 and then a light coat of Tie-Coat.

2. Here you see it with the final dark green POR-15 Hardnose being applied over the Tie-Coat.

3. The finished job in POR-15 Hardnose Dark Green.

Surface preparation: Marine Clean and Metal Ready. I also believe there was some power tool cleaning (SSPC 3) and then two coats POR-15 and Two coats of WhiteCote each approximately 4 mils wft

Korea/Incheon Steel

Surface preparation: Marine Clean and Metal Ready. Two coats POR-15 and two coats of Hardnose (in the areas not subjected to temperatures over 44F) each approximately 4 mils wft

"A Warriewood computer technical warehouse has used POR-15 Grey on the floor of their working area as well as warehouse floor." These are pics of the warehouse area.

Peter Kelsh is in South Australia decided to paint his tractor in Hardnose blue to stop the rust as it’s used a lot on the beach

"the job went well and is looking good already. The degreaser is powerful stuff."

Update Report

"Hello Rob.

I ran the old girl yesterday after successfully getting fuel through the system. I was impressed to see no leaks coming from the areas I flooded with tank sealer.

Looks like it has worked well. It will be another couple of weeks before I give it a real good test out. I will now have a go at a couple of oil leak areas and hopefully will seal them off too.

I sent through the photos so hope they can make the web page ok.

You can use me as a reference point anytime.

Basically the hard nose was fantastic on the paint work and was so good to apply.

The fuel leak package you advised me on and sent me was also great to apply and did the job so well.

Many thanks for the great service and advise Rob. I suspect you run a success business.


Peter Kelsh
Having used Por15 in other applications we were really impressed with it and decided to use it on alot of our equipment in the factory. When they say hammer tough they really mean it.

These frames were coated using Por15 Grey after preparation of Marine Clean, Metal Ready and Tie Coat. Good finish!

WTG Kurnell

This old Blaxland Chapman 4 1/2 HP Super Pup engine has first been coated with POR-15 Rust Preventative black paint and then an enamel for the colour followed by a coat of either Glisten PC or Pellucid. Everything has a POR-15 product on it including the old bakerlite magneto covers (apparently hard to get anything to stick to bakerlight.) the brass carbs have a brushed Glisten PC finish. More quality workmanship!