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Now to address your question .The engine is a single cylinder Yanmar YSM8R powering my sailing boat.

It is 30 years old and was a ball of rust.

I stripped it down to the bare block then using your products exclusively I paint stripped it and then cleaned it with Marine Clean and used the Metal Ready. I used the Pontiac Blue engine enamel, the yellow Hardnose and the Glisten PC over bronze and stainless fittings and finally the Black Velvet exhaust paint on the manifold.

I am delighted with your products and the result.

If you want more pics , I am happy to oblige.

Keith . M

The Sydney Heritage fleet had a problem with excessive rust in the water jackets of this 1920 Mosman manufactured Beecraft marine engine. They approached PPC for a solution to their problem. The problem suited a Deox C application. They soaked the water jackets In a 9;1 mixture of Deox C and water which cleaned it all out. It's now running again."

The Adelaide Fire dept were looking for a good coating to go over their Fire boat “MV Gallantry” in 2001. They decided to sand blast the boat’s hull and applied three coats of POR-15’s Glisten PC. After 5 years of very hard use (the skippers words, he actually said it stronger than that) it is now time to look at a repaint. They have been impressed with the hardness and quality of the Glisten."

Hi Rob,

Very pleased to report that I was most impressed with the Por-15 products.

The high solids engine enamel is a real delight to use as is the Metal Ready pre-treatment which I used over all surfaces.

In a couple of cases I opted for some extra protection with some epoxy primer to help give a better base over some heavily pitted steel.

I have shown the results to many folks so hope you will ultimately see some new business.


"Sojion" a 19 year old steel 43ft boat was recently completely redone at Fenwick's Marina in Brooklyn.

The hull was stripped and blasted followed by 5 coats of POR-15.

This was top coated with 5 coats of epoxy with a lot of faring in between and the result was excellent.

They were asked by several people in Townsville when it arrived by truck if it was a new fibre glass boat.

They couldn't believe she was steel and 19 years old.

Mrs N. commented that they are so proud of her and there wasn't a chip off her when she arrived after a 2300K journey

POR-15 has been used extensively inside, including the diesel tanks.

Credit must go to Tim N. the owner who spent almost 6 months on her and Greg Fry the painter at Fenwick's Marina who did an excellent job
Just a short note & many thanks for a great product. I used the POR-15 on my 50' Commercial workboat and its holding fine. No more diesel leaks. Some photos of tank enclosed, hope they are of use for your website.

Colin Bairston
“Hot Temper” is a fiberglass/timber clinker ski boat manufactured by Sydney ski boat builders: Lewis Ski Boats in the late 1970’s.

Little is known of its history prior to 1992 when it was purchased by a mate as “Stumper”. The name was later changed to “Todd’s Toy”, with its most recent name change when I purchased her in 1997.
All engine components were individually painted prior to assembly with the FULL POR system. Marine Clean, Metal Ready, 2 coats of POR-15 Silver and 2 coats of POR engine enamel (Chassis Coat Black was used instead of engine enamel for all black items). No shortcuts were taken. The result has been spectacular (I hope the photos can do justice). With the painted surfaces super glossy and smooth - the finish almost looks “dipped”.

After more than 6 full seasons in salt water the engine enamel is as good as the day it was brushed. This can be seen in the before and after photos – the “after” photo having only been taken recently. There is absolutely no deterioration to speak of. The boat and engine attract many admiring comments. Too good to be covered up, the engine sits proudly uncovered in the boat at all times - the temptation to build an engine cover to match the deck long since passed. The only “after use” maintenance done is to hose the engine off when cold and spray liberally with WD-40.

POR has been used on all painted components and has adhered perfectly to aluminium, cast iron, brass, copper, mild steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel (several grades) even chrome. A sticking valve in 2002 prompted refurbishment of the cylinder heads which were upgraded to larger Ford XR6 stainless steel one piece valves and double valve springs. The Cylinder Head re-conditioner complained about the difficulty removing the engine enamel and the POR-15 in particular!

My advice to anyone using the POR system is simple. Read the instructions. 3 times if necessary and follow them to the letter. Drying and overcoat times are critical as is surface preparation – that is NOT to say that the product is hard to use – quite the opposite is the case. Religious following of the instructions guarantees fantastic results. This product has NEVER failed for me when used according to the instructions.

See you on the water!!!
David Ius
These engines are all rebuilt using PPC products bar the "letter box red" and have coatings of Pelucid and Glisten.

Maintenance is easy , just wipe down with a damp cloth