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Rory's 1969 Ht Holden Belmont ute

Steven has used POR-15 on the underside of his Cortina that is being totally restored They spray it as apposed to brushing.

“.. Using Por15 was the best under body paint I have ever used. We sprayed it out in a spray booth and I couldn’t be more happier with the finish and product."

I recommend to anyone who is doing a restoration to use POR15. Take a look at my pics and see for yourself.

Tony's 1966 Dodge Truck

Firstly let me tell you how much I love the POR-15 / PPC product range.
I have restored several vehicles ranging from 2x Massey Ferguson tractors, a 1980 Holden Commodore, Chrysler CM Valiant and a motor scooter.

I have used POR-15, Hardnose topcoat and the clear coat products from your range.

I cannot find any other product to match POR-15. The ease of applying the product by paintbrush and the final results are impossible to beat.

Even after 4 years the underside of my tractors is undamaged. After a quick pressure clean you wouldn't know it drives through a Paddock of cow droppings all day.

I have included some photos of the 1966 Dodge truck I am currently restoring.

I have painted inner guards, outer guards (inside), and the entire underside of the cab. I will soon be painting the inside of the cab with Hardnose.

Thank you POR-15, it is easier than ever to maintain vehicles with these products.

Thank you,

Eamon Tierney's Series 1 Landrover " 107 " chassis

Hi Rob

Just to thank you for your help and advice in regard to painting my series 1 chassis.

Having followed all your instructions I am more than pleased with the result.

The chassis was sandblasted and the first thing I did was to inject SW2 protective oil into the chassis cavities, then 2 coats of POR-15 rust preventive paint, and to finish 1 coat of Blackcote.

I hope that you can use the photos in your promotional work, I most certainly will be back to see you again.

Eamon Tierney



The Worst part





"Well, I remember seeing at a boat show some 20 years ago, a product that actually turned a very rusty piece of steel into a black finish that when returned to the salty environment from which it came from, did not rust again.

So I asked around and researched the net and found a number of products available from Permanent Painted Coatings that are similar.

This crowd have a preparation called “POR15 – Rust Preventative Paint”.

Its secret lies in the curing.

Normal paint apparently cures by solvent evaporation and can trap microscopic amounts of air and moisture which continue corroding the metal after the paint has dried.

This stuff actually coats the rust and bonds with the metal to a ceramic rock hard coating that wont crack, chip or peel.

Now for fixing fuel tanks or Jerry Cans, they have a product called “US Standard Fuel Tank Sealer” which can be purchased separately or in a kit that contains three parts that will fix your leaky old Jerry Can.

First part is a powerful detergent they call (“Marine Clean”), that will clean the tank and remove all traces of oil, gum and varnishes etc, the second a Rust converter, pre-primer called (“Metal Ready”), that will turn what’s left after the cleaning process into a protective zinc phosphate coating and finally the Sealer they call (”US Standard Fuel Tank Sealer”), which will leave a rock hard, non porous flexible film which will keep out moisture and is impervious to all fuels and additives.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, will seal pin holes and seam leaks easily."
"Just letting you know that we sprayed it on the cruiser last Friday and even over fresh paint (24hrs old in some spots) It didn't bite through we initially sprayed just minus thinners then let it settled then next tin was with the 10% thinners and let me tell you the gloss on this rig is amazing!! The owner is wrapped with it loves the wet look to it from it being over a solid colour and loves the fact that he wont have to repaint it again from scrub scratches etc!!"

"I had seen your coating previously but had not yet had the opportunity to work with them until now and let me tell you this stuff is dam near fool proof! And that you guys have got another couple of happy customers and ones that will continue buying and using your fine range of products next for us is my 75 VJ Charger that's undergoing full resto' and it'll be copping POR-15, Chassis Coat and of course Glisten PC and glisten it does!"

"Thanks for this truly great product & i look forward to my next purchases from your great range! We have even convinced my brother to respray his 71 S Beetle VW in the glisten over his solid yellow paintjob as it's a semi show car and all this from him seeing the landcruiser!"

“I have restored many cars but this is the first time I’ve used POR-15. I am very very impressed with this paint. I sandblast everything, then give them a light sanding to get them smooth followed by two coats of the POR-15. The result has been great. All the people who come to look at this Pontiac Chief ton can’t believe that it has been brushed. They all think it’s a spray job. I have given away all the catalogues that I took from you as I keep telling people how happy I am with this product.

Buddy Matich

This Austin-Healey 3000 Mk IIIA 1966 (BJ8) was painted 6 years ago during an accident rebuild / restoration using POR-15 on a variety of components. The car has been raced at least twenty times since then and driven frequently and it still looks good.

"Remember the old adage "as exciting as watching paint dry"? Whoever dreamed that one up had obviously never watched brush applied POR-15 drying... Seriously - you can brush this stuff on, late at night in your garage, while its raining outside.... You get a fantastic 'permanent' finish - and it looks like it was sprayed in a booth!!!. All the suspension, engine, gearbox, Diff carrier, diff banjo, brakes (pedals, booster, callipers, backing plates), exhaust system, and all the gloss black ancillary items on the black & white car are painted with Permanent Painted Coatings products. I have been recommending PPC products to like minded enthusiasts for several years!"

For more information and photos please visit
"I rang you yesterday about the hardener from my Glisten PC, I would really just like to say thanks for your prompt delivery of a replacement hardener. I am very grateful and appreciate that you got it to me so quickly.

As I am building one of Australia's top show cars I have found it very hard to find such great service over the last few months that I have been building the car and thought I would email to thank you for the service."
"Attached are some photo's you may use if you wish from the restoration I undertook using your great products. We used Por15 grey as a primer throughout the whole restoration.

When I get around to doing my truck, I will be using your product again."

Bruce McCann

1944 Willys MB Jeep

If you have ever undertaken restoration work you will know that preparation is the foundation of a good finish. Why would you spend hours cleaning and sanding a project to then put on an inferior foundation just to save money. This is where PPC products really come into their own. Having done the hard "prep" work apply the appropriate PPC product and your work will stand the test of time.

I have restored four cars over the past seven years and all have been stripped back to bare metal...repaired where necessary.... metal treatment applied......then painted. Fibre glass work using PPC clear is superior to the two pack usually used with fibreglass in my opinion. It is a 'one step' process.

One of my projects was a Mini Moke. When all repairs were completed (using PPC products) painted in the finished colour, I applied two coats of Glisten. Climbing in and out of a Moke can cause scratching on the box sections of the sides...not with Glisten.....and there being no carpeting great for the floors.

Current restoration is a challenge but knowing how good PPC products are I am confident of a prized result !

Dudley Tann Adelaide July 2004

A Mini cooper sub frame all painted in POR-15 ready to go back in

A 1930's Morris all primed up in POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint

A vintage restoration using a range of POR-15 products. POR-15 rust Preventative Paint, Glisten PC, Engine enamels, Heat paints and White coat.

This is a 1930's Ford, a Sydney fire Chiefs car that was fairly recently found in the Warriewood area of Sydney. The owner has got tired of polishing the brass so has used Glisten PC on all the brass work with great results. He'll be using POR-15 on a lot of other areas as he goes through a semi restoration. On a recent trip on the F3 with his wife following she had to get him to slow down as he was starting to exceed the 110KPH limit, with, as he told me lots more to go.

A 1930 V16 Cadillac Sports Phaeton has recently finished a 12 year restoration. The result is a huge credit to the owner as this car is brilliantly done. This was his 5th Cadillac restoration, and he says the last. (I've heard that story before). The finish on this car has to be seen to be believed.

The fuel tank has had the POR-15 sealer installed two years ago, and various areas have POR-15 coatings, engine block, heads, intake manifold, rocker covers to name a few.

Adam's 1963 Chevy Belair

My 1963 Chevy Belair is nearing the end of a 7 year resto/rebuild. I've used POR15 extensively on the car. The entire chassis, floor pan (inside and out), inside the trunk and numerous other small parts and areas are painted with POR15. I've found it easy to use and the results are great. Follow the instructions and you'll have no problems. I'm building my car with the intention of having it last longer than me, which is why I used POR15 in all the usual rust-out places."

The car has been painted and is in the 'putting back together' phase. I thought you guys may be interested in using some photographs on the site (I saw Roy 's Healy project- nice!). I have used POR15 on the entire chassis and am part way through doing the exterior body floor. The interior body floor and boot area has been done too. For the chassis I used the chassis coat top coat and the Blackcote on the body.

ADS Motorsports - 1987 BMW E30 M3 Restoration

"Bill's 1929 Chev Ute"

POR-15 on the chassis and POR-15 Chevy Red engine enamel on the engine.

The Ute was totally restored using POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint and is now used on the avocado farm as a daily driver.

"It's a great Ute, and really fun to drive around and the German Shepherd joins me" says Bill

Tim painting his bike motor using POR-15 Sterling Silver.

This is being hand painted.

Peter Finlay's 1948 MG TC restoration project

Here are some images of my 1948 MG TC restoration project.

Most of the mechanical components had been treated with POR-15.

The fuel tank is yet to be done with the interior treatment.

Thanks for your advice about pressurisation. One of your satisfied customers suggested heating the Marine Kleen while it is in the tank.

I would be delighted if you chose to put the pix on your website.

I purchased the POR-15 through Vince Gatt's VG Auto Paints at Girraween.

Steve's 1985 VK Commodore

He re did the whole under side and diff with POR-15 Rust preventative Paint Gloss black. “I gave it a good rough up, then used a 1lt of Marine Clean and a 1 lt of Metal Ready and what really surprised me was it took less than a litre of POR-15 Black with two coats..” I did get a bit on my head which lasted a good few days!

Steve’s VK’s tank after two coats of POR-15 Rust Prevetative Paint.

Trunk Paint Black Aqua Aerosol
Then added a coat of POR-15 Sterling Silver (Top Coat Silver)
Trunk Paint Black Aqua Aerosol
Then added a coat of POR-15 Sterling Silver (Top Coat Silver)
Trunk Paint Black Aqua Aerosol
Back in the car

Brendon's fire damaged 1984 300zx restoration