Eastwood Rust Restoration Tools

Drill Presses

A hand held drill can only do so much. Eventually you need to make room in the shop and add a drill press to your arsenal. Try as you might; unless you are a robot, there are just some things that cannot be drilled without a solid work table and a securely-mounted drill head. Why are you still trying to drill holes in a round piece of pipe with a vise and hand held drill? With a drill press and a V block to hold the pipe you'd be done before you even figure out how to keep the pipe in one place without it. A drill press is going to make it much easier to put the hole exactly where you want it too, which will mean a whole new level or precision in your fabrication projects

Measuring Tools

The thing that separates the shade tree mechanic from the professional building 200mph race machines, is often the degree of precision with which the job gets done. You can get along just fine with keen instinct, common sense and just an understanding of how machines work, but eventually to get to the next level you need to have accurate measurements.

Torque Wrenches

If you are doing any internal engine or suspension work, you need a torque wrench. Without a torque wrench, critical fasteners will be under or over tightened, which can lead to disaster. Whether you are looking for a click-style, beam-style, or digital torque wrench, Eastwood has what you need.