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Radiator Black Gloss Paint is just the right viscosity to spray-paint your radiator without damaging it.

Standard engine paints are too thick for use on a radiator because they can interfere with heat transfer, and block air flow between the cooling fins. But Radiator Black Gloss is specifically formulated for your radiator, heater core and air conditioning condenser.

Won't block air flow between cooling fins
Won't interfere with heat transfer
Acrylic enamel (85% gloss)
Withstands 300 degrees F
Besides the fact that standard engine paints are too thick for a radiator because they can interfere with heat transfer, and block air flow between the cooling fins, standard paint also tends to flake off radiators. Radiator Black Gloss helps solve that problem.

Acrylic enamel sprays on thick enough to cover completely, yet thin enough to not interfere with heat transfer or cooling fins. Ideal for radiators, heater cores and air conditioning condensers. Each 12-oz/ 340 grams. aerosol can covers 6 sq. ft.; most radiators require 2 cans for full coverage.

Part Number – 10040Z

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I used this on my Stealth's intercoolers & AC condenser that fell victim to a quick respray job one of the previous owners had done (red overspray). After stripping the paint off & thoroughly cleaning all of the parts, I put several light coats of this on.
Now, there are no longer any traces of the shoddy repaint and the intercoolers look nearly brand new & there isn't any paint built up over their cooling fins; the AC condenser turned out looking just as nice, too!!
I'd highly recommend this product for anyone who's looking to refresh an existing heat exchanger or if you're trying to make an aluminum core be more subtle & stock-appearing through the grille.
The product flowed on well, and dried fast. I painted an aluminum radiator with it. I used about a can and 1/4 for a standard size radiator (Firebird). I was drawn to it because of its ability to NOT reduce cooling efficiency that you would experience from regular high temperature paint. Thanks Eastwood!! Love your products.
This is a super paint that looks great and goes on easy. Used it on a Motorcycle radiator and the engine with phenomenal results. Neighbors think I bought a brand new bike- it's 26 years old! Recommend this paint all day long! Buy with confidence!
After having a radiator re-cored, the paint job the shop did was pretty bad. So, Eastwood to the rescue again! Now the rad looks better than new.

Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.

Radiator Black Paint
Radiator Black Paint


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