Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum

Simply the Best Rust Coating that we have ever offered! Rust Encapsulator Platinum is a high-performance, moisture-cured coating that encapsulates and stops rust from spreading.

Product Code: EW16259Z

Size: 473ml

Excludes Courier Fee

Product Code: EW16258ZP

Size: 0.9litre

Excludes Courier Fee

Product Code: EW16257ZP

Size: 3.78litre

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Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum 473 ml - EW16259Z / 0.9 litre - EW16258ZP / 3.78 litre - EW16257ZP

Rust Encapsulator Platinum is a high-performance, moisture-cured coating that encapsulates and stops rust from spreading.

Rust Encapsulator Platinum can be used as a top coat or can be top coated with almost any paint. It can be applied over bare metal or surface rusted areas. Brush or spray applied with conventional spray equipment. Rust Encapsulator Platinum is ideal for any type of rusted metal surface and can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


▶   Beat ALL competitive products in head-to-head Independent lab testing
▶   Passed over 1,500 hours of salt spray testing
▶   Tenacious bond permanently fuses to both bare, clean steel and corrosion
▶   Can be applied directly over surface rust
▶   Heat resistant to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
▶   Simple prep – wire brush, degrease and apply
▶   Easy to apply – brush, roll or spray (spray for best results)
▶   Can be top-coated with any high quality paint system
▶   3X the corrosion protection of our Original Rust Encapsulator
▶   UV Resistant aluminum pigmented finish

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum

Most Durable and Longest Lasting

Rust Encapsulator Platinum is the most durable, longest lasting rust encapsulating coating we have found. Independent lab testing of salt spray ASTM# B-117 testing has proven Rust Encapsulator Platinum has surpassed ALL competitive products tested and exceeded the 1500 hrs., torture test.

Rust Encapsulator Platinum Beats the Competition!

The independant lab test results don't lie! Below are the results of Rust Encapsulator Platinum and leading competitive rust products with over 500 hours of salt spray chamber testing. All panels are “Scribed Rusty Metal”. That means the panels were rusty, coated with the paint and then scribed before going into the salt spray chamber.

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum

Universal Rust Prevention Coating

Developed to be brush, roller or spray applied, this coating is the best foundation and protection of any rusted substrate for use in:
• Automotive
• Marine
• Motorcycle
• Farm and equipment
• Bridges
• Military Vehicle Protection
• Oil and Refinery Pipeline Industry
• Steel buildings, structures and general home and shop uses

Advanced High-Tech Formulation

Formulated to be applied outdoors at high dew points and temperatures down to 4.4℃ (40℉) or as high as 26.6℃ (80℉) with minimal surface preparation. Assuring excellent adhesion and impact resistance along with industry leading corrosion protection and encapsulating properties.

Image below shows a frame being painted outside with the temperature at 75℉ and 75% humidity

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum

Product Application

1. Prepare substrate by wire brush cleaning loose corrosion.

2. Solvent wipe with PRE or Acetone to remove oil, grease or other contaminants. Allow to dry thoroughly before coating.

3. Apply product when surface temp is between 40° Fahrenheit and 80° Fahrenheit with humidity from 10 to 75%. NOTE: assure moisture is not accumulating on the surface to be coated.

4. Apply 1 medium wet coat with bristle brush or roller assuring all cavities and areas of corrosion are covered.
NOTE: Product can also be thinned up to 20% with Xylene and spray applied with traditional HVLP gravity or siphon spray equipment, use a 1.4 minimum needle/nozzle

5. Product will be tack-free after 2 hrs.

6. If top coating: apply top coat after 4 hrs., or before 48 hrs.
NOTE: If a smoother surface finish is desired, product can be mechanically sanded with 320 grit before top coating.

7. If top coating is desired after 48 hrs., surface must be scuff sanded with 320 grit paper to assure top coat adhesion.

8. Clean all spray equipment with acetone or lacquer thinner.

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum


Q My plan is to use the platinum encapsulator on the underside of my project car, and I have a couple of questions; 1.) Can I apply an Eastwood seam sealer over this product? 2.) Can I use an epoxy sealer or 2K primer over this product? Thanks
A Yes, both the seam sealer and Eastwood Epoxy primer can be applied over the Platinum Rust Encapsulator. You will need to allow the Platinum Rust Encapsulator to reach a full cure first, then abrade with a scuff pad before applying either over top

Q Is it grey or is there black?
A At this time silver is the only option we have

Q can paint this rust encapsulator directly over the painted surface or does it have to have rust on it first?
A While it can be apply over paint keep in mind for this product to work it must be on bare metal or rust. So we only recommend feathering it up on to existing paint

Q For final sanding, before application, what grit sandpaper do you recommend?
A Bare minimum would be a wire brush or if you were to sand you can use 180 grit sand paper.

Q Can you weld after applying this stuff? I want to cover all the rust and then box in my frame. Will the welds hold?
A You can box in your frame, and then apply our Internal Frame Coating. That way your frame will be protected, even after the welding is finished.
Eastwood Internal Frame Coating - Green w/Spray Nozzle
Eastwood Internal Frame Coating - Black w/Spray Nozzle

Q Can it be top coated after 4 hours and within 24 hours without scuffing the surface with 320 grit?
A You can top coat after 4 and before 24 without the need to scuff the surface.

Q Can this product be used and then top coated with a 3m undercoating?
A This product can certainly be top coated with an undercoating paint.

Q How much do you need to paint a truck frame?
A Since this product only requires one coat and each quart covers approximately 96 SQ Ft you should be able to get by one quart plus maybe a pint to ensure you have plenty.

Q Would like to use this product on underside of roof from surface rust do to no headliner in damp weather for some time, Would it need to be top coated if insulation and headliner are to be reinstalled?
A There would be no need to top coat especially if reinstalling a head liner.

Q Can this product be sprayed using a primer gun with a larger spray tip and not thin out?
A Under most conditions this product can easily be sprayed through a 1.8 nozzle without any reduction.

Q How long do we wait between coats if we are spraying more than one? The instructions don't specify and only refer to Top coating. Also, can Platinum encapsulator be top coated with the black Rust Encapsulator? I have two full unused cans I need to use.
A If you want to apply more than one coat, allow 2 hours in between coats. You can top coat this with Black Rust Encapsulator after 4 hours and scuffing the surface with a red/maroon scuff pad or 400-600 grit paper. Please keep in mind this would be pointless essentially to do because the Black Rust Encpausltor in reference is not as durable and resistance as the Platinum version.

Q will this adhere properly to metal that was previously galvanized?
A This product will have no issues adhering to galvanized materials.

Q Can I us this on body of car .I had a guy leave my car bar metal about two months then I went and got it.
A You could, but the better answer for a strong paint job will be to simply sand the surface rust off of the vehicle before using a catalyzed primer. The flash rusting you're experiencing should sand off very quickly back to clean bare metal.

Q Say a guy was to shave all the unused holes on a truck frame and wanted to make the frame as smooth as possible using a skim coat of body filler... could this product them be used to cover the bare metal as well as the filler?
A Our Rust Encapsulator Platinum can certainly be applied over bare metal and body filler. Just keep in mind for the maximum protection it does need to be on bare metal or rust.

Q Will this product adhere to existing paint as well as bare metal? As I grind my truck frame it will have large areas of bare metal from the rusted areas where the paint has peeled off but it will still have large areas of good paint which I am scuffing.
A Our Rust Encapsulator Platinum can certainly be applied over scuffed existing paint. Just keep in mind it can't do it's job it if is not over bare metal or rust. It is best just to feather this up onto existing paint.

Q Does it come in black?
A This product is only available in silver.


• Single component aluminum pigmented coating
• 67% solids by weight
• Approximate coverage: 96 SQ FT per quart for one coat
• Proprietary additive increases product adhesion to rusted steel substrates- unmatched by competitive coatings
• 1 coat assures maximum protection
• Brush, roller or spray applied
• Paint Gun: HVLP gravity or siphon with a 1.4 minimum needle/nozzle
• Re-coat able after 4 hrs.- if top coating after 48 hrs., scuff surface with 320 grit paper
• 2 hrs., tack free
• Easy to apply
• Topcoat able with virtually any high-quality coating
• Maximum service temp of 350° Fahrenheit

Recommended Substrates and Prep
• Apply product as a primer/Encapsulator over clean or corroded (rusted) steel or cast iron
• Prep surface by mechanically cleaning loose flaking rust with a stiff brush or wire brush/wheel
• Remove any grease, oils or other surface contaminants with a solvent such as PRE or Acetone
• Apply by brush, roller or spray

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum


Be sure to always wear all personal safety equipment when working with this or any coatings


msds Fuel Guard Storage Stabilizer Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

The ULTIMATE Way to Protect a Frame - Rust Encapsulator Platinum

In this video we go over how to apply Rust Encapsulator Platinum on an old rust frame! Rust Encapsulator Platinum has 3x the protection of the original Rust Encapsulator and destroys the competition in head to head testing

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