Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun & Starter Kit

New & Improved System with 2 voltage settings for great coverage in tight spots and large areas.

Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun & Starter Kit (INCL 110-240 volt transformer) - EW33278K

Dual-Voltage HotCoat Powder-Coating Gun gives you the most complete coverage from tight areas to large surfaces.

Extremely durable finish
Coat and cure in under an hour!
Easy to apply
Quick color changes
Versatility with 2 settings
Low 15,000-volt setting
High 25,000-volt setting for multi-coat coverage over larger areas
Increased powder adhesion
Minimal overspray

This innovative system will allow you to achieve the benefits of powder coating small parts instead of coating them with paint. The new Dual Voltage system gives you the capability to coat small areas using the Low 15kv setting. Or coat large areas using the High voltage setting 25kv. All you need is a compressed air source (5-10 PSI from a portable tank with a regulator or a compressor) and an electric oven or toaster oven.

Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun Starter Kit

The Eastwood PCS-250 Dual-Voltage HotCoat™ Powder Coating Gun gives you complete coverage from tight areas to large surfaces while operating on standard 120v household current. This innovative system will allow you to achieve the benefits of powder coating small parts instead of coating them with paint. This new and improved dual-voltage system gives you the capability to coat small areas using the low 15kv setting or coat large areas using the high-voltage setting 25kv. All you need is a compressed air source (5-10 PSI from a portable tank with a regulator or a compressor) to power your gun, an electric oven or toaster oven to cure the finish and a well-ventilated workspace in which to do your coating. This new and improved gun features color-coded cabling, larger ground clamp, increased trigger room and a clear bottle so you can see the powder color and fluidizing action..

One 8-oz. bottle of powder (not included) covers the same area as 2-3 cans of spray paint, and clean-up is easy, since you can simply sweep-up the oversprayed powder. Contains no environmentally harmful solvents. HotCoat powder coating requires a 5-10psi compressed air source and dedicated electric oven (or toaster oven).


11676 Eastwood Dual-Voltage HotCoat Gun
1/2-lb. Black Gloss Powder
51558 Powder Chip Color Chart
10078 Reusable Hi-Temp Silicone Plugs
10027 Hi-Temp Masking Tape (1/2" x 36-yard roll)
43045 1-lb. Stainless Steel Hanging Wire
34066 In-Line Air Filter
3 Empty Powder Bottles with Screw-On Tops


Use a disposable dust mask when handling or applying powder.
Powder, like common flour, can be explosive when suspended in the air in high concentrations.
To minimize any explosion risk, sweep up—do not vacuum—powder from the floor.
Cure powder in a well-ventilated area.
The urethane powders we sell liberate a very minute amount of isocyanates when the powder flows out.
This usually occurs about 3-5 minutes after the part is placed in the oven to bake.
Wear a respirator with fresh filter cartridges when curing or inspecting flow-out progress.

Powder Coating Made Easy - Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun from Eastwood

With our dual-voltage HotCoat gun, you can powder coat interiors and hard-to-reach corners using the low 15,000-volt setting, or switch to the high 25,000-volt setting for multi-coat coverage over larger areas with increased powder adhesion and minimal overspray. Either way, you'll get all the benefits of powder coating in your own shop!

  • Don't hesitate
    Bought this gun 9 months ago and am still impressed by it!! My third gun with previously owning a craftsman airless and a harbor freight. This gun outshines them without a doubt!! Dual voltage really helps when makeing multiple coat effects and the powder isn't waisted like that of my other guns. Only complaint is wish it had option foot pedal like my hf gun, the hand switch can be a hassle. Great value got on sale for $99
  • First time Powder Coater learning fast
    I've had my Eastwood, Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun for about a week. I received a series of emails, from Eastwood, on "How to Powdercoat" that are great. Lots of good base info to help get started. I've powder coated a crankshaft pulley and an alternator bracket set, both for a Big Block Chevy Hotrod build. All the parts have turned out really nice in Gloss Black from Eastwood. I have several other colors and am very excited to use other colors. I'd like to make this a part-time business. Over all, I'm very happy with the gun, powders and free information fron Easrwood. I've been a regular customer for years. Thank you!
  • Get this one
    I bought the original gun first, but it leaked powder from the cap and returned it. Since I just got hooked on coating on my options to replace the gun were limited on a system due to my budget.
    I decided to buy the dual voltage Hotcoat gun. After the first use I was ecstatic the thing did not leak at all.
    I cannot believe how much better the dual voltage unit is over the original system. My only complaint and it is the same for the original, but the grounding clip is very wimpy.
    Do yourself a favor, buy this system instead of the original system. For the few extra dollars it costs, it is worth every penny.
  • Great item
    To be honest I did not think this product would perform the way it did. Really awsome product, despite simple design an low cost materials.However this proves the fact that things dont have to be over- engeneered to work.I now have 4 units, and this makes colorchanges easier. If youhave to change from black to white you have to make sure the gun is ABSOLUTELY clean. One black fragment in the white finish....You do the math.. I have one gun for white,one for clear, and to for all others. -Easy(and looks cool...) I also purchased a lot of bottles so I dont have to empty one to cange colors. Cheap and time saving. I would also recomend 2 steps to better the performance of this gun: 1: I glued the activator switch to the left side of the gun handle. This makes it possible to use the thumb to activate the power. Left hand is then free . 2: I put a thin rubber gasket inside the lid attached to the gun. This makes a good seal, -without it the gun can leak powder through the bottle threads. Summary: I love it!!!
  • This gun worked very well for me
    I see many are rating this gun lower due to leaks around the threads between the powder bottle and gun. I believe their problem may be due to too much air pressure. I was experiencing a similar issue until a friend advised me to lower the regulator pressure... like down to 2 psi. You only want a small puff of air to blow the powder out. Almost like you're blowing it out yourself. Let the static charge do the work! Since I've gone this way my powder consumption has decreased significantly.
    BTW, I use this gun as a member of a co-op community where we all chip in and share tooling resources so this gun gets used a lot by many users. It has held up well.
  • Very Satisfies
    Have original system..worked ok. Was looking to have better coverage with less waste. Designed a nozzel for the original that directed powder much better that those that came with system, Using this new....higher voltage system is great. We finished a group of hinges we were using outside on a building. Coverage was quicker, thicker coating, thus much better flow and coverage. Thanks Eastwood, for this product
  • Kam
    Awesome. First powder gun ever owned
    First time powder-coater here. My dad got me this gun for Christmas while it was on sale. I've been able to do small miscellaneous parts for my car with ease. I didn't have the money to buy an oven off here, so I just found one on craigslist for $20 that cures my projects just fine. Saves me money from doing it elsewhere. Planning on offering it as a service to the local area as soon as space is made in our garage and the sandblasting cabinet is assembled. Couldn't have been happier.
  • Great Alternative to Painting
    For some time now, I wanted to restore our Floor Resister covers in our house. My original plane was to use my HVLP paint gun to paint them. A few days ago, I was picking up some shop supplies from Eastwood and enquired about powder coating and I was sold. This was really easy and really hard to mess up with a little practice. Its a good ideal to use painters plastic to cover the area your working in. Will make clean up much faster and easier
  • Great powder gun
    I am new to powder coating. That being said I tried other guns before purchasing this one. I thought "how different could they be"? Wow needless to say I wasted a bunch of money on the other ones. The dual voltage gun works flawlessly, being new to this it even makes my projects come out beautifully. Very consistent and predictable powder delivery. Any questions I have had regarding technics etc have been handled by customer support perfectly. I could not be more happy with Eastwood all the way around. Way above my expectations
  • Smooth and easy
    I bought this dual voltage gun about 5 month ago, and liked how well it performed, I bought another one two weeks ago. I use one for colors and the other for clear. I'm very happy with the guns they both work excellent. I've read different reviews about how people have different issues with the same gun. I have not had any of the problems that I read about. Totally the opposite for my self. For myself, the dual voltage guns I now own work perfectly. I am super happy with both guns, I give a 6 star rating.
  • It's paid for itself at least 5x
    I bought this set up about four years ago. I have accumulated about two dozen Eastwood colors, a full size kitchen oven, blast cabinet, even a small 'paint booth', (large clear plastic storage bins), the whole set up, to now I am on the very cusp of having my own small, part time business!!! all b/c I wanted to coat some Camaro parts. I handle this tool very carefully, it's fragile, it's not a socket set!! with patience, practice, and time, it's easy and actually pretty fun. I just made $60 for coating four parts, not a fortune, and only my second customer, but he's already referred a local machine shop to me and his business was a referral as well....this is stupid fun for not much money...I buy a fair amount of Eastwood stuff, most is pretty good. some not so much, but this stuff rocks
  • great coverage, no waste!
    Bought this to replace very old original Eastwood model. Can't believe how little waste and fast coverage. Love the dual voltage, no problems with tight corners and small parts. I like not always needing to use the deflector disc- helps on small parts.
  • Great Product
    I ordered this system for use at work. The power coating system works as intended and although I have only coated a few parts, they have all come out great. Be sure to let the parts fully cool before handling
  • Even coverage
    Just did my first tube for a wind chime it was very good. Some learning will take place to get the correct amount of powder when working with vein type powder.Very nice product, thank You.
  • much better
    I started with the smaller diy gun and upgraded to this one after a couple weeks and I like this one much better. Its got much better coverage than the original
  • A Good Deal
    I have both of Eastwood's gun's and they both worked well for me the dual voltage I used on some thin cycle parts and the dual settings helped a Great Deal
  • Very good powder coater for the $$$..
    A friend of mine had a powder coating system from Brand X... I did some nice work with it but it was pretty much a gamble every time I used it... There was a huge amount of overspray,,, so much so,,, it had to be recovered or the yield wouldn't have been worth it cost...
    I recently purchased a dual voltage outfit from Eastwood... Day and night difference... Much easier to set-up and use and hardly any wasted powder... The powder 'wrapped' around the edges and into small crevices really well... The first coating I used was chrome on valve covers and it turned out great...
    I highly recommend Eastwood's dual voltage system to anyone wanting a professional finish at a great price... The amount of information provided by Eastwood helps a lot too!!!
  • Great buy
    Powder gun is amazing!!! works like its suppose to. I totally reccommend anyone to buy this, i have powder coated several parts now!!!
  • Great gun
    This gun does a great job at either setting. I have used more expensive guns but this does as nice of job as they do for less money.
  • All the best, also the transport to Germany
    Everything OK
  • Fantastic for the money!
    For $100 give or take you can't beat this gun. I've looked there is nothing else in this price range that has the quality or performance. I own 3 other guns. I've done 1,000's of parts with this gun and I own one that's in the $1,000 range that rarely is used. This one does the job, it's easy to clean, powder storage containers are cheap and easily changed out. I have probably 30 videos showing this gun in action on YouTube. The complaints and low ratings I've seen could be overcome for 5x the price. It plastic because it's more economical than metal. Mines almost two years old. Still running. It's made me enough to buy all the other guns that sit barely used. Shipping issues to Canada? Blame Canada. How is that the fault of the gun or Eastwood. Others have grounding issues. Fix that. It's not the gun. It's not a $3,000 gun. If you want that save your money.
    I would like too say that I haven't had a chance too try this gun as of yet. But if it preforms as well as the one that I have now. I have the single vote gun. It works great. So I'm sure that it will work great too. I can't wait till I get too try it out on my bike frame. I just wish that I would have bought this one first, when I was doing the jugs for my motor. It worked great for the most part.
  • Awesome Powder Coating Gun!
    I purchased this for my wife as a birthday present a few weeks ago. She was having several issues with the "other" (harbor freight) powder coating gun. Once we set this gun up, we have been flawless ever since. Our cups look fantastic, and we can turn 5x the orders over that we could before. Very little powder waste too!
  • A Good Powder Gun !
    My first dual-voltage powder gun and it works really well , another great Eastwood product. I did put a foot switch and new ground clamp , easy modifications. I'm a Cajun and we have to talk with both hands !! Lol Very pleased with the performance and caught it on sale Wow what a bargain !!
  • Works Great
    I bought this about 2 months ago and haven't had one issue with it. Applies powder on smooth. Used multiple colors for metal art with about 20 pieces coated so far. I used a regulator and a dryer on the gun. Highly recommend for a hobbyist.
  • Works well.
    I bought the gun to powder coat parts for my restoration project. I am still learning so the coating is not perfect every time but it is not an equipment issue!! I am pleased with the operation of the gun in every respect.
  • Dual stage powder gun
    Works great upgraded to this unit a month ago and I can't believe the difference in coverage, I own two jeeps and have many aftermarket parts to be coated
  • lite, smal fits just right
    Duel voltage is the way to go,l was so happy with l bought another one shoots beautifully the only modification l did to it was put a smaller derfuser on it A+ in my book
  • Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun
    I bought the Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun to get into Powder Coating. Glad I bought the Dual Voltage. Easy to use for a beginner.
  • Daul voltage powder coating gun
    Haven't used it yet but if it works as well as all the other products I have purchased then it will be grest
  • first try
    we set up a new area in our shop to powder coat, just did two brackets for a jeep and we are very pleased
  • just love the dual voltage
    I bought this about a month ago and it works absolutely wonderful! It applies powder with ease
  • love it
    my son loves it said makes his life easier. easy to use and perfect every time thanks eastwood
  • Awesome
    I love it well worth the money. Plus tips about powder coating email with new tips
  • hot powder coat gun and paint
    excellent product firsttime user easy as spray painting wheels turned out perfect
  • Awesome
    I decided to buy this instead of a cheaper brand. This is great and easy to use
  • Professional Results
    Very happy with this product and a very fast delivery to NZ

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