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Pro-Former Tube Bend uses hydraulic ram power to help you bend steel tubing easily Using the latest in metal-forming technology, it multiplies your power to assist you in producing accurate bends easily.

No kinks, no flattening.

Perfect for roll cages, tube chassis fabrication, custom cross members, transmission mounts and general shop fabrication projects.

It includes all 5 dies and followers, which will bend steel and chrome-molybdenum tubing, up to 60-degree bends in 1.5”, 1.625” and 1.75” tubing (0.049” to 0.082” wall thickness) and up to 90 degree bends in 0.75” and 1” tubing.

Part Number – EW-12485

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Hydraulic tube-forming machine lets you bend steel and chrome-molybdenum tubing up to 60 degrees (in 1.5", 1.625" and 1.75"-diameter). tubing with wall thicknesses from 0.049" to 0.090"), and up to 90 degrees (in 0.75" and 1" tubing).
If a 90-degree bend is required on any of the 3 larger diameters, simply bend two 45s and weld together.
Includes all 5 dies and followers.
Solid construction and reliable 8-ton hydraulic cylinder provide safe and accurate bends.
One-year warranty. As a complete kit, this is one of the best metal shaping tubing-bender values on the market!

Always wear eye and skin protection when working with metal.


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