Eastwood Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake

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Eastwood Hotcoat Powder

Eastwood Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake – EW 14042

The Eastwood Versa Bend 20 Inch Offset Sheet Metal Brake is a precision engineered metal working tool designed to produce both standard variable length bends as well as accurate 1/2 Inch offset bends up to 90 Degrees in 20 gauge sheet steel and 18 gauge aluminum in widths up to 20 Inch. Also capable of creating bends in 18 gauge steel in widths less than 12 Inches

eastwood Floor reinforcement
eastwood Channels and ribs
eastwood Sections of corrugated pickup bed floors
eastwood Truck bedside panels
eastwood Inner fender structures

And much more all with one convenient vise or bench mount tool.

Create floor reinforcement channels and ribs, sections of corrugated pickup bed floors;truck bedside panels, inner fender structures and much more all with one convenient vise or bench mount tool.

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This tool is considerably heavy.

Use extreme caution when mounting or dismounting when using a vice or other temporary fixturing arrangement.

Personal injury could occur if tool is dropped.

Pinch Hazard. Keep fingers away from moving parts when operating. Wear appropriate work gloves and protective clothing.

Sheet metal will often have sharp edges which can cause cuts to hands and arms. Wear appropriate eye protection.

Metal chips can be ejected during the bending process.


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Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake - Metal Fab Must Have

Must Have Metal Fab: Versa-Bend Sheet Metal Brake