Eastwood Disposable air line filters

Whirlwind filter for extra moisture- and oil-removal right at the paint gun.

Eastwood Disposable air line filters - EW34066

Disposable In-Line Air Filter makes sure only clean, dry air gets to your spray gun, to produce a flawless paint job

▶   Removes moisture and contaminants down to 1 micron
▶   Maximum pressure: 125 psi

Disposable whirlwind filter provides an extra level of moisture- and oil-removal right at the paint gun. Use together with your regular oil and moisture separator.

Clean and dry air traveling through an air hose can pick up moisture, dirt and oil. This in-line filter will remove any remaining contaminants down to one micron before they can ruin your paint job. Designed to complement, not replace, your conventional oil and moisture separators. Mounts on your paint gun or HotCoat Powder Gun. Lightweight filter features strong threads in a solvent-resistant housing.


WARNING: Blasting emits abrasive under pressure. Adequate respiratory, eye, & body protection must be worn during use. Inhalation of silica particles can cause cancer & other deadly diseases. Wear NIOSH- approved respiratory protection during operation.

  • Inexpensive filter
    I use these on my Eastwood Plasma Cutter as a last chance filter where the air supply comes in.
  • very good extra protection
    I paint a lot things and this has really helped the final look of the finished item
  • Does the job
    Works as described. Good price. Will probably purchase more.
  • filter
    so far the filter has done its job.
  • Does it job.....
    Just an extra layer of protection that 's affordable and an easy change-out. For 7.00 its an inexpensive way to keep ur gun in good shape..
  • Great to have to keep water out of paint
    I bought this and I'm glad I did will buy again works great.
  • It worked very well
    For the price I was very happy on how they worked
  • Does the job
    Hard plastic, threads will not strip out, reasonable price, a mush to insure a clean paint Jon
  • Works great.
    It is the only filter that I use on my compressor. It works great for the price!
  • Great product
    Works perfectly would buy again. Definitely helps with final painting coats.