Eastwood Deadman Valve for Blaster

Fits Eastwood pressure and soda blasters, and Clarke pressure blasters.

Eastwood Deadman Valve for Blaster - EW11780

Replacement deadman valve for Eastwood pressure blaster and also for Clarke pressure blaster. Also works on Eastwood soda blasters

For use with all Eastwood and Clarke pressure blaster and Eastwood soda blaster Used to replace defective or damaged deadman valve.


WARNING: Blasting emits abrasive under pressure. Adequate respiratory, eye, & body protection must be worn during use. Inhalation of silica particles can cause cancer & other deadly diseases. Wear NIOSH- approved respiratory protection during operation

  • Heavy duty
    I've used 500 pounds of blast grit and haven't had to replace a nozzle yet
  • Good stuff
    This is a replacement nozzle for a sand blaster that we have been using for several years . this is a first time we needed a nozzle since the original purchase.
  • Seems to work great.
    Used this to replace the nozzle on a "Brand X" blaster. Big improvement! Haven't used it that much yet, so can't say how well it will hold up.