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Eastwood Seam Sealer Cartridge Black 300ml

Seals cracks, crevices and body seams, plus waterproofs and insulates.

Product Code: EW51655Z

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Eastwood Seam Sealer Cartridge Black 300ml - EW51655Z

Paintable Seam Sealer leaves a factory-like finish that won't harden or sag

▶   Stays flexible; won't crack
▶   Waterproofs and insulates
▶   For firewalls, floor pans, trunk seams, fender extensions, taillight openings
▶   Applies easily with your standard caulking gun

After stripping a car or repairing a panel, replace the seam sealer to protect your hard work from the elements. Available in black.

Eastwood's high-solids Seam Sealer seals cracks, crevices and body seams, as well as waterproofs and insulates; remains flexible. Adheres to paint; tack-dries in 15 minutes, air dries in 1 hour. Black in color, but can be painted after 1 hour. Use a standard caulking gun to apply.


Eastwood's high-solids Seam Sealer seals cracks, crevices and body seams, as well as waterproofs and insulates; remains flexible. Adheres to paint; tack-dries in 15 minutes, air dries in 1 hour. Black in color, but can be painted after 1 hour. Use a standard caulking gun to apply.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when working with chemicals. Consult MSDS for proper safety warnings.

Watch How To Apply Seam Sealer Video

How To Apply Seam Sealer on a Car - Floor, Trunk, Firewall - Kevin tetz at Eastwood

How To Apply Seam Sealer on a Car - Floor, Trunk, Firewall - Kevin tetz at Eastwood

In this excerpt from the web series Hands-On Cars, Kevin Tetz gives you some tips on how to apply Seam Sealer and have it look great. Seam Sealer can be messy, but with some masking tape and Eastwood Pre Painting Prep, you can have a nice smooth finish.

Watch Tips & Tricks Video

Tips & Tricks for Applying Different Types of Seam Sealers to Your Car - Eastwood

Tips & Tricks for Applying Different Types of Seam Sealers to Your Car - Eastwood

Did you know there are different types of Seam Sealers? And some have specific purposes? When you're restoring your car, there's a good chance you'll be using Eastwood Seam Sealers, so watch his video to find out what you need and how to apply each type.

  • Seam Sealer for that OEM look
    I have used several tubes of this sealer so far, matching the OEM sealer applications. I ground out the original hard and dry sealers all over our project 67 Caddy. Pumped in beads (no more then 12" at a time) and fingered them down to match the original where applicable. Removed the original material between the inner and hood stiffeners and the skin and pumped it in the center holes just like the factory and it went in and came out the surrounding four holes just like the OEM process. The hood is now firm and quite, no tinny sounds when you tap on it and no swelling or bulges. Works perfectly, looks correct, sticks well and has the right firmness vs flex. Excellent product
  • works great
    I bought this to seal the firewall on my 64 impala. Its works very well and gets the job done. My on issue is it sets up pretty quick. So i was unable to get it as smooth as i wanted to be. But in all it does the job
  • Quick and simple
    Great grab at resent visit to the store. Just put a front clip on 99 civic cx. Made quick work of all seams. Went to paint just a few hours later, no problem with paint adhesion
  • Great sealer
    Ease of application makes it possible for a smooth professional appearance. Adheres well and fills cracks and crevasses without effort.
  • Eastwood Seam Sealer
    I have used this product from Eastwood several times and it is a high quality product. It is exactly like the material used in the assembly of vehicles in the United States. I not only use it during vehicle restorations but also for other projects where a professional bond is needed, especially where moisture is a concern.
  • Works Fine !!
    Tried another brand, had same issues others noted with skimming too fast and had to dig it out. I used this product on a previous job and should have just ordered it the first time... no problems filling the drip rails and painting the next day !! (note: don't overfill any joints to avoid extra clean-up)
  • Loved it
    I read the reviews for this product and was a little intimidated. But having the help of a buddy this stuff went on great it worked beautifully. I used rubber gloves to smooth it out and fill the gaps the job turned out perfect. This stuff is awesome. Thanks Eastwood.
  • Excellent Stuff!
    I used it to seal seams on my 1957 Chevy Pickup cab. Goes on nice and gooey and works easily into cracks, stays flexible just like description says, overall I was very pleased. I have used a couple of Eastwood products now and am very pleased with the results!
  • Try it you'll like it
    I used it on the floor plates I just installed in my pickup. Easy to apply even overhead and adheres very well. Other brands were just to expensive to try and silicone caulking is only good for a temporary fix. I'm happy I found seam sealer from Eastwood.
  • Great seam sealer at a good price
    Used this for my inner cowl panel restoration on my 67 cougar. This sealer was easy to use and i will be purchasing more to re-do the factory seam sealer that is dry rotted. I recommend this sealer to anyone that is thinking about using it
  • Good stuff, easy to apply
    Says ready to paint in an hour, but is still very soft at that point. Hardens very well overnight . Easy to apply . Just like caulking. Use a nitrile glove and can easily smooth out with finger.
  • like it
    had body shop for 22 years,used 3m sealers now retired build streetrods as a hobby I like this sealer the price is right and works very easy.Could be just a little thicker but does the job.
  • Great product at a great price!
    This seam sealer was not only cheaper than the local auto parts store, it also applied the best out of all the brands I've tried. It made my race car project a little easier
  • Looks great, paintable, just as advertised.
    Just finished replacing trunk floor in my chevy, used this to seal seams around wheel well housings and trunk floor sides, worked like a charm, no problems painting it.
  • good
    went on easy but it didn't smooth out with brush well. dried very hard but took longer than the 3m stuff. over all good product for budget minded DIY
  • Works as advertised!
    I used this product for the seams on my C3 Corvette floorboards and it worked as advertised. Highly recommend for any automotive projects!
  • Excellent Seam Sealer
    Was grateful to have a product do what it claims to do. Fast delivery from supplier. I'm very pleased with the outcome
  • Great stuff
    Did the floor boards and the bed in my el camino. Went on easy and dried fast. Worked as good as a 25.$ sealer.
  • Top quality
    This product is the best I have found and does what it says. Many other uses, will always have in my garage
  • good and gooie
    Product works well, it was easy to apply and well worth the $$. Give it a try
  • i used this sealer always works great!
    any time i need a good product i use eastwood there stuff always works good
  • awsem product
    This was a great product thank you for prompt service and delivery
  • Good Product
    Seam sealer, did what it was supposed to. Great product.
  • Easy to use
    I'm using this on my truck I'm building it works great.
  • AAAAA+++
    Good price, easy to work with, quality stuff!
  • great stuff!
    .This is great stuff!
  • Excellent Seam Sealer
    This is the best seam sealer I have used. It has excellent tack strength and dries semi pliable. After it has cured it is a very tough material. Would recommend this product.
  • Works Great!
    It took a short bit of practice, being used to brushable seam sealer, but once I found that it's Toluene-based it was easily spreadable with a dampened paper towel and cleans up in a jiffy. I did the rain gutters on my car by laying down a 3/16" bead quickly followed by a Toluene-dampened towel wrapped around my index finger and worked it from one end to the other, then went back a half hour later and wiped away the excess. Definitely will use it again.
  • Good Stuff....
    I have used Eastwood's Seam Sealer many times. Recently I ran out and bought another brand at a local auto supply store....big mistake! Eastwood's seam sealer is still messy to apply, but it is a much better product as it never cracks and takes paint better. It is long lasting.
  • Works Great
    Worked well for us. My son and I replaced the floor pans in his 78 firebird and used this along the out side edges. I seriously doubt you can paint in in 1 hour, and still have it cure properly, but hey that is what the instructions said.
  • Seammsealer
    First time using seam sealer. I was able to apply it while my truck sat in the sun. It didn't set up very fast. This was on the fire wall. Paint did stick and the sealer did set up. Looks good, time will tell.
  • seam Sealer
    Very easy to apply and sets up quick, would use again.
  • seam sealer
    almost identical to original sealer and works well