Eastwood Fabrication Tools - Louver Dies for Bead Roller

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Eastwood Louver Dies for Bead Roller

Use with Eastwood Bead Roller EW28187 to produce professional-looking louvers.

Product Code: EW28160


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Eastwood Louver Dies for Bead Roller - EW28160

With a little practice, these hardened steel louver dies, and the Eastwood Bead Roller (28187) you'll be able to produce professional looking louvers.

▶   Produces 3/4" wide by 3/16" high louvers
▶   Works on up to 18 gauge steel and 14 gauge aluminum
▶   Multiple passes allow the hardened steel louver dies to slice and progressively form the louver profile.

End contours can be formed with The Eastwood EW13146 Trim Hammer and 28030 Panel Beater Bag.

Create Professional-Looking Louvers Using the Bead Roller & Louver Dies!

  • Good set of louver dies
    Product works as described. On thinner metals be careful not to over tighten the tensioner bolt on the bead roller or it will shear both sides of the metal. If you use the proper tension and finish raising the ends by hammer it makes good factory looking louvers.
  • Louver dies
    The louver dies are a little tricky to use, once you figure it out they do a good job