Eastwood Glass Polishing 3 Disc Replacement Set

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Glass Polishing 3 Disc Replacement Set - EW12539

This is a replacement set of discs for the Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches (EW12526). Included is a green, blue and orange disc of different grits. These discs are 3" in diameter

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Did the job!
I bought the complete kit 2 years ago and I needed the replacement discs to remove a 14 inch rivet scratch on the side window of my 79 Fiat. Following the instruction on how to use the discs and kit, I took my time and after 4 evenings of sanding and buffing out the haze with the polishing compound included in the basic kit, the window looked great. I took the window out of the car and did the work in my shop. I have included some pictures of the finished job. The scratch ran from the top of window to the bottom about 1 inch from the back edge.