X-MAT Sound and Audio 4 sheets 15.75sq ft

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X-MAT Sound and Audio 4 sheets 15.75sq ft – EW-15824

X-MAT® Sound and Audio 4 sheets 15.75sq ft
X-MAT® Sound and Audio 4 sheets 15.75sq ft

Eliminate road noise, body panel vibration and excess heat from your vehicle!

X-MAT® Lightweight Sound and Audio Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV
Lightweight X-Mat with a layer of closed-cell, acoustic foam offering excellent temperature and sound absorption
Easily cut and installed under roof panels, inside doors, trunks, around speaker enclosures and firewalls so you can enjoy your ride in greater comfort
Conforms well to complex interior contours and shapes
Withstands up to 350 °F, reduces heat as much as 105 °F and sound by as much as 8dB
Kit covers 15.75 square feet

Eastwood's X-MAT® Products lead the way in automotive sound control and heat abatement technologies. X-MAT® is engineered for both classic and late model vehicles to accommodate the needs of today's demanding environments. X-MAT® Sound and Audio Mats are lightweight and developed specifically for superior sound absorption in speaker enclosures, door panels and trunk wells. Maximum temperatures range 350°F and a decibel reduction as much as 8 db or 9%. They are easy to cut and contour and the strong adhesive back ensures they will stay in place for years to come. Includes 4 sheets 31.5In. x 18In. x 1/4In.

Features and Benefits
X-MAT Underhood and Headliner 51x39x1/4
Features & Benefits

Always wear gloves and eye protection when cutting and installing this material.

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Easy to install
Easy to install AND immediate difference in sound quality. 68 Falcon
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