Painters Nib Files Set Of Three

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3-Pc. Painter's Nib Set fixes paint drips and sags quickly Nibs save you time and work by dressing down hardened high spots in your paint job.

Fine Painter's Nib File
Coarse Painter's Nib File
Curved Painter's Nib File

Dress down hardened paint high spots, then finish the repair with wet/dry sandpaper. Nib files are mounted on wooden blocks to act as handles. You get 3 painter's nib files, at a savings over individual pricing.

Honed tips "shave" without digging in. For best results, allow a day to pass after the initial cut for the solvents to evaporate. Then cut the drip or run down to just slightly above the surrounding surface. Gently sand the repair using 1500-grit sandpaper and polish.

Part Number – EW-34003

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Always wear proper safety equipment when working with this type of handtool.

Fine Nib File - This is a great file. Before this file I was using the old school razor blade method. Its risky and you can cuts edges if your not careful. The fine nib file works great and it tends to leave the flat paint alone. It just focuses on the mound. Just make to to push in the direction as indicated on top.
Curved Nib File - Just as good as the flat, however gets those curved areas that the flat can't.
Course Nib File - Only use on heavy runs or anything else major. This one takes a lot of material off quickly. Great tool but just be careful.
Very happy with product. Its not much to these tools. Wish the price was about $10 cheaper. Nothing else like it out there though.
The most important tool for DIY painters
I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I bought these because I was worried they would scratch the surface too much.
But after using these, I was blown away. Took the runs and nibs right out of the paint in minutes. I mean BAD runs. I used 2000 grit instead of 1500 and it removed the shaved parts of the clear coat just fine. Took my time and the finish was great. I also used it to repair a cracking section of clear coat by shaving to better clear, sanding, and blending with new clearcoat and U-Pol clear welder. Worked great.
I use the fine files for just about everything. If you want to smooth out paint runs that you are re-shooting, use the coarse file, and then prime/paint. Don't use the curved file on anything other than a slightly curved panel. You probably won't use that file much at all, if at all.
Good product
Nibbers did better than I thought they would. Takes a little practice but handy to have and they work great.
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