Eastwood Vinyl And Dashboard Repair System (includes transformer)

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Now you can trust yourself to make color-matched upholstery and dashboard repairs This one professional-level repair kit helps you easily fix vinyl, plastic and leather upholstery, as well as padded dashboards.

Comes with 7 different colors
Includes everything, even the heating iron

7 Different Colors
1 Mixing Bottle
2 Bottles of Clear Dry Adhesive
2 Bottles of Powdered Hardener
1 Mixing Spatula
11 Sheets of Graining Paper
1 Sheet of Reinforcement Cloth
1 Sheet of Practice Vinyl
Heating Iron with Micro Disc

Part Number – EW-40013

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Always wear appropriate eye protection.

vinyl center console
I was very impressed with this repair kit & for the price its a very good deal. I repaired the vinyl center console on my car that had some minor tears and cuts. It does take some practice to really get the hang of it, so start in a spot that wont be all that noticeable (if possible). After I had the hang of it, its a breeze to use. Color matching wasnt an issue for me since i was dying the interior after repairing it anyway. If your repairing small tears this is a nice kit, just take your time & follow the directions. Some spots you have to do a few times to build up the repair material, just take your time...patience patience patience
Works good.
Used it on a '70 Cuda dash pad to repair some short cracks about 2" long. Way more material that I needed but filled in the crack with the filler and covered over with the finish. Went on easy and came out nice, not perfect, but looks fine.
Leather Seat
Used this kit on a rip in my leather drivers seat. Looks good, especially considering it would cost alot more to replace. Some left over for additional repairs too.