Them’s the brakes!!
The braking system is certainly not the coolest part of your vehicle to look at, or even to build, let alone chat about online or at a Cars-N-Coffee…But it’s definitely one of the most important, if not THE most important system on any vehicle. With a Project like ZedSled, where EVERYTHING has to be replaced or upgraded, it’s nice to know we have options when it comes to saving a little money and still having the safe and reliable braking system we need on a car that’s going to be driven in performance oriented ways…(Translation - beat upon severely and abused) Eastwood knows the importance of reliable brakes, and offers several kits and tools that make creating brake lines or other metal tubing lines in your vehicle easy and affordable… So Thanks Eastwood! The cones at the autocross thank you, the pedestrians and the crosswalk than you, and the Racoon in the highway that freezes in my headlights thanks you as well! Here’s how to fab brake lines, and do the job right!

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