U-POL 0711 Fly Weight Body Filler

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U-POL 0711 Flyweight Body Filler - 3 Litre

Upol Flyweight is Super lightweight, easy spreading and sanding polyester body filler.

It is also a Non-porous formula that will not shrink.

Tack free and bleed-through proof.

Very easy to sand product even after 24 hours.

FLYWEIGHT Super Lightweight Body Filler

FLYWEIGHT polyester filler is a two component paste used for the filling of holes and imperfections in most substrates. FLYWEIGHT has been specially formulated for the professional using the latest technology in lightweight body fillers, and it combines excellent filling properties together with very easy sanding.

Surface preparation & instructions for use

FLYWEIGHT polyester filler can be used on the following surfaces:- Bare metal–e.g.steel, degrease and abrade with P80 paper. Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics) degrease and abrade with P180 grit paper.GRP degrease and abrade with P80 grit paper.


▶   Next generation Lightweight Body Filler.
▶   New Micro Technology Lighter than Light.
▶   Super lightweight, smooth and very easy to spread polyester body filler.
▶   Very easy to sand even the next day.
▶   For deep fill applications.
▶   Fast Curing.
▶   Non-porous: no shrinking or pinholes.

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UPOL Flyweight Body Filler